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September 13, 2011 by Christina Noll  
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Some easy to use websites that offer many free samples of very popular products.

Free stuff, now I know it might sound too good to be true. But many businesses out there want to give away their products in order to gain more sales and add new customers. Now it is highly unlikely to start getting free cars or something of that sort without winning some contest. However, many food and beauty companies are quite happy to give away free samples of their products and it is much easier to obtain these little freebies than you probably think. In fact, you could be just one click away.

Many of the pages that post the links to obtain the free samples are on facebook besides private web-sites. Most people check their facebook everyday, so it certainly makes it one convenient way to find some free stuff.

I have recently found these web-sites and would like to share them with you:!/aboutfreebies!/FreeFlys

I have found such little treasures on these pages as free samples of Crest White Strips, a free can of Purina cat food (I have 4 cats), Twinings of London tea bags, Calvin Klein beauty fragrance, and much more.

There is no harm in checking the sites out and seeing what you too could find.

Happy shopping or should I say sampling!

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2 Responses to “Free Stuff”
  1. juny423 Says:

    Interesting…I will check the link later :)

  2. Joe Ram Says:

    Nice share.

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