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September 3, 2011 by res901  
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Have you ever wanted to earn anything off of for free?? Well this is the place you want to be!!!

Points2shop is the only site on the web that offers FREE items from in exchange for completing FREE offers, taking surveys and testing products. The process is very easy, first you sign up for a free account, complete offers to earn points and order any item that you want.Most of the offers are completely free! Complete them, and start earning points! 100 points is equal to 1 dollar so you always know how many points you have and what item you can get!

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In order to participate in our site you MUST be United States, United Kingdom and Canada However, Other countries are allowed to join as a promoter and refer usa people to the website and withdraw your earning through egold, Paypal and check. Registering as a Promotor you will be able to earn 50 cents when referral signup, and another 50 cents when he completed the phone verification.

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  1. Jonathan Says:

    Want To Preorder Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfar 3 for free, check out free

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