Five Fashionable Websites to Keep You Stylish

June 24, 2008 by R.W. Zara  
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To everyone who loves fashion and would like to be as stylish as possible,these are some of the most fashionable and of course, colourful, websites that you just have to check out.

  1. StyleMob

    This website is created for real people, on what they have to say about fashion, and what they put together as outfits. It is all about street fashion inspiration which you can use to create your own fresh new style. Definitely not for the faint hearted, as on this website, the more risk you take with your outfit, the more stylish you’ll likely to become. So as you start mobbing your style, just keep in mind, that old jean of yours might just be the must-have of the season. So be bold, and style away.

  2. WhoWhatWearDaily

    This website is not about who’s dating who, their only concern is who’s wearing what. It is after all, their quote, “we don’t care who you’re dating or if you eat. We only care about what you wear. So if on you mind right now is what that celebrity is wearing, and you really want that outfit, or that handbag, or that shoes; this website is definitely a must for you to visit. You can also ask them about what to wear or how to wear a trend as they also have this feature on the site: “ask a stylist” .

  3. The Bag Snob

    This site is all about handbags, handbags, handbags. On authentic designer handbags, of course!! It offers the reviews on handbags whether they are HOT, or NOT. They also have sweeps which can win you fabulous prizes, example, their June sweeps: Miu Miu or Fendi handbag sponsored by! So ladies, or guys, this site is definitely worth a check out.

  4. The Purse Blog

    This is another website specifically created is an online fashion magazine and dedicated to designer handbags. The Purse Blog provides reviews on the most sought after and of course the hottest designer purses in the fashion world. They also frequently feature new designers, with exclusive interviews!! There is also a section on celebrity style, where they identify what designer bags the A-list celebrities are wearing and where to buy them. The winner of the Blogger’s Choice Award for 2007 Best Shopping Blog also gives monthly bag giveaways from some of the most exciting designers!!

  5. Beauty Addict

    You know the saying that shoes makes the outfit, or maybe handbag? But seriously, how you look makes YOU. Fabulous, or not. So here is one website for you to cover your flaws by making your make up, flawless. Founded by Kristen Kelly, Beauty Addict was created in September 2005 as a way to share her product obsessions with the world. She reviewed the product based on what she have used and loved; and some are her new finds that she just has to share with us. So girls, definitely, a must visit!!

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