August 5, 2007 by youngling  
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I hope this doesn’t happen to you. I find it funny now but didn’t when it happened.

I personally find this hilarious but that’s just me so here we go

My Xbox broke so I was looking for a new one on Ebay I saw a few but they all needed to be repaired so I started looking at the Xbox360’s and I saw a few decently priced so I bid on them, but I quickly got outbid. so I started looking some more and I reached one for 55cents! I quickly bid 60 cents and when I looked back over the price and it was $10.50 I figured someone out bid me

That was my bid. I looked over it and figured it was wrong but it wasn’t. I figured out I had not bid 60 cents but $60.00 . I was very angry but now I find it funny and I hope you do too.

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2 Responses to “Ebay”
  1. winndixie07 Says:

    depending how you think about it’s fuuny but you most have been so hurt about it for a while. I’m always thinking something then either it comes out wrong when I speak or I write it down wrong.

    I hope that you enjoy your new X box system because you really payed some big bucks for it.

  2. youngling Says:

    i didn’t get it sadly enough……o well lolz

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