Mass Market vs.. High End Beauty Products!

September 18, 2013 by AlexiaJ  
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Which one to choose?

I have always wondered why is there such a big difference between those 2 types of makeup products and how to choose in order to pay the right amount of money for what you really get.

The first and the biggest difference between these 2 types of products is the Price.Price could be,or could be not a reflection of what’s in the package.The price is made out of the cost of production(the amount of money the manufacturer has to spend in order to produce the product,this includes the money used by them in marketing campaigns)+   the seller’s price for the product’s distribution,though other taxes are added as well.

The second difference is the promoting or marketing one.Usually, the high-end cosmetics are advertised in glamorous magazines by well-known celebrities, while the others are regular makeup products that you just see on the shelf and buy.By the way, usually the packaging also plays an important role: you will not-likely see an expensive makeup brand creating horrible designs for their products.

Sometimes, people buy expensive makeup products just for the sake of showing off, so I can conclude that high-end makeup products are also an indicator (though they shouldn’t be) of the social position.

What is important to mention is that high-end products are ALWAYS tested way more and accurately by the manufacturers.Making sure the product is at its best is what is assuring them a position on the beauty market.Also, you have less trouble when you want to return an expensive product in case you are not satisfied by its quality.With the less expensive products, most people don’t bother to do that, they just throw them away.

It is a hard job trying to pick the best product for you – a product that will last and will bring satisfaction of using it till the last drop.

In my personal opinion,I would rather buy less but expensive products than a lot,but cheap ones.In terms of foundation,concealer,powder,mascara and lipstick – I would always choose the expensive one (though I discovered that there are 2-3 alternatives of less expensive products that would be just as fine).In terms of lip-glosses,blush and sometimes nail polish,I’d go for less expensive ones,because these are products I hardly even use,so I won’t throw money on something I do not need.

To me,it’s important to find the “golden middle” between expensive and inexpensive products so please read the ingredients lists,make sure you are buying genuine stuff and do not rely on plain advertisments because they are often deceptive.

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