How to Choose the Best Earrings for Short Hair

July 11, 2008 by Kristie Leong MD  
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If you have short hair, earrings take on great importance. Here’s how to choose earrings for short hair that’ll really flatter your hair and face.

There’s nothing that gives your face a quicker lift than a great pair of earrings. Wearing a fashionable pair of earrings takes on even greater importance if you happen to have short hair. Unlike gals with long hair, you can really show off your ears with style and panache. There’s no hiding those earlobes behind a mop of stringing hair or getting your earrings caught in the hairbrush as you style your long hair. You have the advantage of being able to show the world what a great earring collection you have. Confused about what you can wear and can’t wear? Here’s how to choose earrings for short hair:

Always Wear Earrings if Your Hair is Short

If you have a short hair, earrings are every bit as important as the clothing you put on your body. Your earlobes are exposed for all the world to see and you want them to be appropriately dressed. When you choose an outfit to put on in the morning, take as much care selecting your earrings as you do your top or shoes. Short haired people can appear a bit “naked” without a little ear adornment.

Let Go of Old Fashion Dictates

Dismiss the idea that you need to wear small earrings if you have shorter hair. You can wear all types of earrings with short hair from subtle gemstone post earrings to long, sparkly dangles. It really all depends on your mood, the occasion, and your outfit. You’re lucky. A long dangle style can look quite dramatic when worn with an elegant dress to a party. By keeping the rest of your jewelry and outfit simple, even dramatic earrings won’t look overdone.

Consider Your Face Shape and Hair Color

With short hair, earrings can have a much greater impact on your face shape than if you had long hair. For this reason, choose earrings that will flatter your natural bone structure. If your face is naturally round, stay away from round shapes such as hoops and large button earrings since they’ll only enhance the roundness of your face. Dangles and chandelier earrings will give the illusion of a slimmer face. Likewise, if your face is long and slim, choose rounder earring shapes such as hoops to add width to your thin face.

You may also want to take hair color into account when you choose your “signature metal”. Although there are no hard and fast rules, blondes look stunning in gold metals and copper shades while brunettes shine in silver and platinum. Copper metal was just made for the rare redheads of the world. Can’t decide? Wear multi metal earrings with copper, silver, and gold shades.

Add Some Art and Humor to Your Ears

Since your earlobes are so exposed, you have so many fun earring options. Develop a collection of artsy, eclectic earrings handmade by artisans or choose quirky, humorous earrings that make people smile. A great place to find unusual earrings that make an artistic or humorous statement is at craft shows and fairs. When you don’t have hair hiding your earlobes, you can really have fun with earrings.

Have fun flaunting your earring collection!

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