Chocolate Gold: Rich and Beauty Revealed

August 20, 2011 by rgreenfield  
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Roses turns into chocolates… Is this fantasy? No, it’s reality!

Are you sensing something rich and creamy that will melt inside your mouth? Well, enjoy your fantasy while it lasts. Chocolate gold is rich but not something for the palate to savor.

Chocolate gold is real gold. It is also known as brown gold. A chemical process known as PVD – physical vaporization and deposition, transforms rose gold into a rich brown color, similar to chocolate, hence, the name. Gorgeous dark brown jewelry, which is the latest color tone, have been made using chocolate gold and designers and fashionistas have been amazed at the beautiful jewelry pieces that chocolate gold can turn into.

Well known jewelry designers have created fabulous and exciting chocolate gold jewelry. Among them are Fawad Gruosi and Licia Mattioli. Gruosi is the founder and president of de Grisogono. In his collection, he had embellished chocolate gold jewelry with different gemstones: rubies, emeralds, and diamonds, and other precious and semi-precious stones that any woman will love. These beautiful pieces come with a price and, as you probably know, it is not cheap. Some of his pieces fetch over $10,000.00.

Mattioli who has made fabulous chocolate gold jewelry as well, hails from Turin, Italy known for its wonderful chocolates. Her Cocoa Collection pieces boasts of beautiful, hand-crafted gold links and chains. She has mixed touches of rose gold in her collection which starts at $1,000.00.

With the huge demand for gold, you can see why the price of gold jewelry including that of chocolate gold are sky high.

This is chocolate gold: Irresistably rich, elegant, and beautiful.

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