How to Choose The Right Make-up

August 16, 2011 by Faith N Pierce  
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A guide to accurately applying make-up.

We have all had that moment. You know, the one where you stand in the bathroom, your face an empty canvas, looking at your collection of beauty products thinking, “where do I start?”. Well question no more! Choosing the right shades,colors,and textures of make-up does not have to be complicated. A few simple guidelines will have you beating out those Covergirl models in no time!

Step 1: Decide what you will be wearing. Your make-up and clothing should always coordinate. Not only in color, but in style as well. You don’t want to wear a dramatic smokey eye with a soft breezy sundress. Likewise, you don’t want to dress like Madonna while wearing a natural look on your face. One thing to keep in mind though, in general, you should not match your make-up to your clothes, coordination is the key.

Step 2: The base. Let’s stop right here and have a chat, shall we? Ladies, ladies, ladies. Concealer, base, foundation, and powder are all wonderful inventions to help is balance our tone, and hide our little secrets. They were not, however, invented to paint a mask on our faces! Younger ladies, most of you do not even need to use these to start with, your natural skin tone looks a million times better. Not as young ladies, use these products sparingly. Sure, cover those things you would rather not share with the world,  but make sure we can still recognize you under your new skin. And please, for goodness sakes, choose a shade that matches your skin! Orange doesn’t rhyme with any other English word, and it also doesn’t rhyme with your skin.

Step 3: Blush. Ahh, blush. What a lovely addition to our make-up bag! Giving us those rosy cheeks. Play around with your blush, seeing exactly where you need to apply it for your unique bone structure. There a several different shades of blush, try a few shades to see which one suits your skin tone best.

Step 4: Eyes. This is the fun part. The most common mistake women make with eyeshadow is using only one shade. Using a minimum of three shades is a must when it comes to eyeshadow. Generally you want to start right under the arch of your eyebrow with the lightest shade you will be using.Moving down you want to add a medium shade in the crease of your eyelid. On the bottom all the way down to your lash line, you will want to use a lighter shade on the inside of the lid, and a darker shade on the outer edge and corner of your eye. Eyeliner can cause your eyes to appear smaller, so instead try using the darkest shade right along the lash line, giving definition without caging in your eyes. Finish your eye look with a light touch of mascara.

Step 5: Lips. Depending on what look your are going for, choose an appropriate shade. You will want to use a lighter shade for a casual, light look, and a darker shade for a more sophisticated, evening look.

Just remember to make your look your own, and switch it up occasionally. If you have some spare time, it can be very fun and beneficial to play around with your make-up. You may discover that you are better with your cosmetics than you thought!

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