How to Choose Sunglasses and Keep Your Eyes?

June 15, 2013 by delpiero10  
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Hello His story about sunscreen to begin with, how to choose sunglasses. Probably the glasses with the clear defect you will be able to return, but the danger lies in wait, as always, is not where it usually wait. Glass and plastics that are used in the manufacture of sunglasses, should delay the ultraviolet rays. Consequently, when choosing sunglasses is necessary not only to see whether they are suitable to your face, but also ask what percentage of ultraviolet detain those glasses. Here on this issue and focus.

Labels “100% ultraviolet protection” should guard. The fact that ordinary glass really completely filters ultraviolet, but not so on the plastic. So, what’s a closer look at the instructions and, in the case of plastic, look for the inscription “80-90% ultraviolet protection”. As for the shape, it is best to choose fashionable today among young people “streamlined” glasses that cover the sides of the field of view.

Now let’s deal with color. Choice of color depends on weather factors. Pink and golden yellow glasses are well suited to the dim sunlight, when the sky and then there are the clouds. Dark-green glasses are also suitable for this kind of weather, but the colors of the world they will be more than adequate. Well, for bright sunny days it is better to buy sunglasses with gray or brown lenses. They limit the maximum amount of light entering the eye. So in the end you want to tell a scary story about what can happen if you react to the above recommendations lightly. And that’s what can happen. The fact that the dark glasses deceive the pupils and make them grow, and the lack of protection from ultraviolet rays pass. Can you imagine what’s going on?

So, keeping in mind that the avaricious pays twice, better to buy expensive sunglasses in the supermarket than to end up in the hospital with burns of the retina.

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