How to Buy The Perfect Pair of Jeans

November 5, 2009 by Shekinah Shazaam  
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These steps WILL work!

“Dang my butt does look good!”

You too may have wanted to experience that moment with a special pair of pants, but been stopped by impatience and bad quality.  Well no longer!  With a few simple tips, picking a pair of jeans can be as easy as say, picking your nose.  The same basic principles can be clearly applied to any type, whether wide leg, boot cut, skinny, shorts, capris, or bermudas.  Just following a few cardinal rules such as precision, care, comfort, and style, will definitely ensure a great looking butt in no time!

The first objective to obtain to reach is of course arrive at the mall or your favorite store.  Make sure to go directly to the jeans rack; any other items may distract you from the task at hand.  When in the jeans section, scope out your size.  Here is where you need to be realistic: if you know you cannot squeeze into a size two, do not waste you time with that as an option.  Choose the sizes closest to the ones you wear right now to be the most accurate.  Since all jean companies are not the same, it is good to have variety now, in case it is needed later in the dressing room.  That applies to people who are unsure of their exact size, to help remember this vital tip, follow this simple rhyme: one size too big, one size too small, to find my fit, I’ll try them all!  As long as options are available, smarter choices will undoubtedly follow.

Additionally, when collecting pieces that catch the eye, allow the eye to notice the price tags.  If a $20 pair looks exactly the same as a $70 pair, which choice will make more sense?  If you choose the cheaper, kudos, if not, I seriously hope you have enough money to be wasting unnecessarily on jeans in these hard economic times.  But back to prices, go for the best range for your budget.  If and only if you have extra moolah and you really want more or a certain brand of jeans, go for it.  Just be sure it is an investment piece that you intend to wear for as long as possible.

Next on the agenda are special sales.  A popular one has become known as B.O.G.O (Buy one get one) free/half off.  This may seem like the opportune moment for shopping, but beware of the trap most retailers set for innocent customers.  A sale sign does not always guarantee  a cut back on prices it simply means retailers wish to sell more of a certain product and know generally people purchase more if they think it’s on sale.  Do not fall into this trend.  Pick the right price.  If it happens to be on sale and you end up saving money, then it is a blessing and should be very appreciated.

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