Shopping at Farm and Exotic Livestock Auctions

May 18, 2008 by Mark Gordon Brown  
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Looking for an affordable sofa or set of tools? Looking for a cool pet? This is one avenue most city folk have not considered taking. I encourage anyone looking for a unique shopping experience to check out a farm, or exotic animal auction.

Many people, especially city people are not aware that these types of auctions exist. To begin I should define them each and touch briefly on how they work.

Farm Auctions

A farm auction occurs when a farmer, or person living rurally, sells their property, has died, or is downsizing, and wants to clear off all excess items. Occasionally the farm and property itself will be auctioned off. You will generally find farming equipment, tools, vehicles, livestock, and household goods at these sales. These auctions take place on the farm itself and you need to be prepared for he weather conditions as you will often be outdoors, as such these auctions are more frequent in the summer. On a big farm you may have two or three “rings” of sales, areas where like things are auctioned off, at the same time in another ring other items are being auctioned off. You will have time to look around before the bidding starts and should make notes of things you want ahead of time. All buyers must get bidding numbers before the auction starts, these will be available to you that day.

Exotic Livestock Auctions

These are held at auction markets themselves, people are seated around an auction ring. The critters for sale may be as simple as chickens, guinea pigs, sheep and miniature horses, or may be as odd as sugar gliders, yaks, and tigers. I will note here that it is up to the buyer to have the correct permits for the animals that require them as per area laws. You can find out more information by calling the auction market in advance and asking what animals require permits or check with local zoning. Such animals as migratory birds usually require permits.

If you do not know if your area holds such auctions, you can usually find out by phoning your local livestock feed supply store, veterinarian, checking their bulletin boards, by calling a livestock auction market, or looking on-line.

Exotic Animal Auctions are not places for your personal entertainment. All too often people like myself, serious buyers, attend these auctions and are surrounded by people who are there only for “something to do”. Children running around looking at all the unusual pets, and getting in the way of serious buyers. I am not objecting to curious onlookers but please if you are only there for a day out, stay back a bit and allow the bidders to see the animals and be seen by the auctioneer.

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  1. Deanda Says:

    I knew about cattle and horse auctions, not these things.

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