Fifty Wonderful Uses for Common Salt

August 3, 2008 by Joseph Parish  
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Salt has always been considered one of the great food seasonings found however adding taste to our otherwise bland meals is not the only purpose this condiment can serve. There are other uses of which I have enclosed a list.

  1. Salt is an excellent item to use when you wish to remove any offensive odors from your stove
  2. You can add a pinch of table salt to your hot cocoa to improve the flavor
  3. If you are trying to remove stains from your clothing you may wish to mix 1 part of salt to 4 parts of rubbing alcohol
  4. If you are being plaque with mildew then lemon juice mixed with some salt will do wonders
  5. You can readily prevent grass from growing between sidewalk bricks by simply sprinkling a little salt on the grassy spots
  6. Salt is great as a polish for your old kerosene lamps
  7. If your sink drainpipes have a nasty smell you can remove it with the addition of a strong, solution of hot water and salt
  8. In the event that you have a pie which bubbles over while cooking in the oven place a handful of salt upon the top of the spilled pie juice. The spilt juice will not smell and it will bake shortly into a dry crust which you can easily wipe off when your oven has cooled.
  9. If you have apples which have become wrinkled you can soak them in a mild salted water solution. They will perk up in no time at all.
  10. If you rub some salt on your pancake cast iron griddle, your pancakes will not stick
  11. If you soak your new toothbrushes in a salt water solution they will last much longer
  12. Salt will clean discolored coffee pots
  13. You can mix some salt in with turpentine in order to whiten your bathtub or toilet bowl
  14. If you soak nuts in salt brine overnight, they will crack from their shell whole. Merely tap the ends of the shells with a hammer in order to break them open.
  15. If you boil new clothespins for a short time in salt water prior to use they will last much longer
  16. You can clean your brass; pewter and copper with homemade paste of vinegar and salt which has been thicken with a little flour
  17. If you add a pinch of salt to your vase water then cut flowers will have a longer life
  18. If you pour a small mound of salt upon an ink spot that occurred on your carpet the salt will soak up most stains
  19. In order to clean your iron you can rub some salt on it with a damp cloth
  20. In order to make double broiler foods cook faster you can add a little salt to its water
  21. A mixture of lemon juice and salt can be used to clean your piano keys
  22. You can easily fill plaster holes made in your wall by using equal parts of starch and salt with only enough water to form putty
  23. If you have a sore eye you can use a salt water rinse
  24. Slightly salted warm water will make a very effective mouthwash. If you have a sore throat, make the water slightly on the hot side and use as a throat gargle.
  25. You can make a good tooth polish by sprinkling some dry salt on your tooth brush
  26. Salt is an excellent product to use for killing any weeds in your yard
  27. You can eliminate any excess suds by sprinkling a little salt in the water
  28. You can add a dash of salt to your warm milk and it will make a more relaxing type beverage
  29. Before you use new glasses you should soak them in some warm salty
    water for a short period of time.
  30. A pinch of salt will enhance the flavor of tea
  31. Salt will readily improve the taste of cooked apples
  32. If you soak your clothes in salt water solution when washing they will not stick to your clothes line in freezing weather. In addition you can use salt in your final rinse to prevent them from freezing.
  33. If you rub salt on your wicker furniture it will prevent the furniture from yellowing
  34. Your sponges can be freshened up by soaking in salt water
  35. Add a few raw potatoes to soups and stews which are too salty
  36. burnt on stains can be readily removed by soak the enamel pans in salt water overnight while you boil salt water in the pan the following day to remove burned-on stains
  37. Dirt will come off your greens easier if you clean them in salt water
  38. To set your gelatins faster use a dash of salt in it
  39. You can prevent discoloring of your fruit by placing them in some mild salt water
  40. Your milk will stay fresher longer if you add a little salt to it
  41. You can use equal amounts of soda and salt to brush your teeth
  42. Clean your greasy pots and pans with some salt on a paper towel
  43. When cooking eggs add some salt to the water to make it cook faster
  44. A pinch of salt added to whipping cream will make it whip quicker
  45. A dash of salt will improve your brewed coffees taste
  46. Sprinkle some salt on your shelves to keep ants away
  47. If you soak fresh fish in some salt water they will de-scale much easier
  48. You can test the freshness of your eggs in salt water. If they are fresh they will sink while bad ones will float.
  49. If you have a cracked egg it will remain in its shell if you add a little salt to your boiling water
  50. If you add a pinch of salt to your egg whites you will find they whip up much faster

I have only scratched the surface on the many hundreds of uses for salt. If you wish to find more a quick search of the Internet will quickly show it.


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