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October 6, 2009 by psihomodopop  
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A product review.

So you might have had a sales rep come by your house and do a quick demonstration, or you might have come across an advert for this supposedly miraculous cleaning solution. But is the Advanage Wonder Cleaner really as wonderful as the company makes it out to be? It just might be.

The Advanage Wonder Cleaner comes in a one quart bottle, and is available in four different scents: Green Apple, Citrus, Lavender as well as Clear for sensitive and light colored fabrics and surfaces. The bottle will cost you a nice thirty seven bucks plus shipping, however the liquid inside is a concentrate so you would dilute it. About three caps of the concentrate per one spray bottle (think Windex size) of water. Not bad if you do some math, right? Correct, if it is any good that is!
The sales rep that came by my house had a diluted solution and he claimed that surfaces which are cleaned with it will be streak, smudge and fingerprint resistant for about two weeks after cleaning. He used some of the Advanage cleaner on my screen door, and I thought “OK so it cleans glass, big deal”. Then he moved on to my old Jeep which had rust on the side. He sprayed some of the solution onto the rust and rubbed it off with a wash cloth, to my surprise the rust was gone where he cleaned, displaying a beautiful metallic blue. He then moved on to the cars rusty, dirty and very neglected rims. After about half a minute one side of the rim was looking brand spanking new, nice, sparkly, shiny and all. I was impressed.

I did not buy a bottle however until a few weeks later. I was not as impressed with the Advanage Wonder Cleaner once I had used it, as I was with the demonstration. It will clean glass good, but not as great as Windex will, and as far as the whole two weeks of no smudges and finger prints…yeah that is a joke. It is a good all around cleaner though, I have tried it an just about any surface in my house. I was most impressed in the bathroom. The water stains that no other brand name cleaners could get of off my tub simply disappeared with the Advanage. The tub looked so brand new white and shiny, not a dull “well I can see you tried cleaning but it didn’t work out” whitish. This was about a month ago, and it is still going strong, even though the tub gets a lot of traffic. And I mean a lot, there is six of us living in this house.

Overall the product is not some miracle cleaner, but it is worth your buck and you can adjust the dilution of the cleaning solution to fit your cleaning job. Eliminating the need to buy other household cleaners is also a plus. It will save you time, space and money, so go for it.

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  1. Miffed Says:

    We just bought two bottles after being stunned at the demonstration – lifting dirt out of tile grout, effortlessly wiping out the brown stains around our stainless steel cook top and leaving the inside of our oven door – glass and metal frame alike – squeaky clean. After the salesman left, we immediately mixed up a bottle 10:1 and we were increasingly dismayed at the results on all 3 surfaces.

    I tracked him down in the neighborhood to ask him what was in his bottle. It was not the same stuff we mixed. We invited him back to the house to use our bottle. Magically, nothing worked as well as when he used his bottle. He said we had to use scrubbers, even though he used just a non-abrasive terry cloth towel. He even tried to tell us we mixed it too strong – it works better when more diluted. I asked him again what was in his bottle because I would by it in a heartbeat. He still insisted that it was the same stuff we had, however, he did not bring his bottle back in – we figured to avoid the side by side comparison.

    We returned one bottle and he gave the money back on the spot. I think the cleaner has it’s merits, but not as a miracle cleaner. One bottle was enough for us.

    These salesmen have something else in their bottle, so if anyone can get them to “come clean” I would appreciate the info.

  2. Dave Tuckett Says:

    Actually the sales guy was telling you the truth……amazingly the stuff works better when less cleaner is used…..if you feel the cleaner itself it feels super slippery….mixed with lots of water it feels water…..he’s right about using the proper material as well…what often happens is the consumer doesn’t fully understand the product itself…..the reason why it works undiluted on oil is because it uses surfactants to lift the grime from the concrete….concrete is porous so it can seep through…metal and glass isn’t….therefore when you use a heavy mixture with those other surfaces the result is actually messy….the water breaks the soap down and allows it to seep into the affected area…….Advanage is one ofthose cases where less is more.

  3. ScottsDesk Says:

    But he uses the same solution on each example so the using different mixtures for different surfaces would be incorrect, as his demonstration is out of the same bottle. I think the mixture in the bottles are either different or some sort of secret mixture.

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