Top Five Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

July 13, 2008 by Carlos CCC  
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If you’re really trying to find that perfect, romantic, yet inexpensive gift for that special lady on Valentine’s Day that won’t break the bank or your pocketbook, then look no further.

  1. Do something she wants to do for the day, the whole day. Especially if you’re the type that works too much or never spends enough time with her and she has been telling you so. Even if it’s not on a week-end and you can’t possibly take the day off, let her pick the Saturday or Sunday. Make her feel like she is special and this whole day is hers and yours together doing what she enjoys doing.
  2. Cook her dinner, gourmet style. Make her favorite dish if you don’t know what it is find out. Chances are that it won’t matter, what will matter is that you took the time and effort to do this all by yourself. By effort that means a full course gourmet style meal. Starting with appetizers and ending with a light but sweet dessert. Be sure to create the perfect surroundings, nicely set table, wine or champagne and of course candle light and soft music. If you really can’t do the cooking keep it easy for self, but regardless do not forget to make the surroundings romantic.
  3. Make her feel extra special that day by pampering her. There is no way to mess up here, women love to be pampered. Run her a hot bath with erotic bath oil and candles surrounding the tub. Give her a sponge bath, wash her hair. Oh, and remember the soft music. Afterward give her a message, do her nails, hands and feet and rub her all over with light smelling cream or oils. You don’t need a spa or to leave your home for this and you may even get lucky.
  4. Make her a gift basket or box, fill it with all her favorite things and add some extras you think she’ll enjoy like chocolate, candies, a book anything she will love you for. Put in some keep sakes from your special times of the two of you together, write her a poem or both. Be sure to decorate it in her favorite colors , there are a lot of things you can use for this, a towel sprayed with your cologne, wrapping paper, be imaginative.
  5. If she happens to have to work on Valentine’s Day, make her lunch for her to take or take it to her. Which ever the case add something really special to it like cute little candies or heart shaped cookies. Write her a love note or a special invitation to join you for a wonderful evening together when she gets home.
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