The Five Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts for Women

January 18, 2008 by Kristie Leong MD  
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Confused about what to get that special woman in your life for Valentine’s Day? How about what not to get her? Get these gifts at your own risk.

With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, you’re probably racking your brain trying to determine what to give that special woman in your life, whether it’s your wife or your girlfriend, the decision is an important one. In actuality, it may be just as important to know what not to give a woman on Valentine’s Day. Here are some of the very worst Valentine’s Day gifts for women:

Worst Valentine’s Day gift: Exercise equipment

If you want your wife or girlfriend to ignore you for a week, surprise her with a new treadmill on Valentine’s Day. It’s not so much the treadmill that’s a losing idea as what that little piece of exercise equipment represents. Your significant other will draw only one conclusion from your generosity. That she’s getting fat and flabby. Is that really the mood you want to set on Valentine’s Day? Another disaster gift you’ll want to avoid is a gym membership or supply of weight loss pills, for obvious reasons.

Worst Valentine’s Day gift: A toaster or other practical appliance

Do you really think your wife is dreaming of getting a new toaster this Valentine’s Day? After she unwraps her brand new, state of the art toaster, the only thing that’s going to be toast is you. The same applies for a host of other practical appliances including the new food processor or blender you can envision your wife using to prepare a Valentine’s Day milkshake or cold drink for you. Believe me, the only thing cold you’ll get out of this one is a cold shoulder.

Worst Valentine’s Day gift: Sugar free candy or other low calorie treats

It may taste almost as good as the high sugar version but this isn’t a wise choice if you want to keep your relationship on sound footing. No matter how you phrase it or how you explain it, you won’t be able to remove the obvious thought from her mind. Do you really want to hear those three little words repeated ad nauseum over the next six months. “Am I fat?”

Worst Valentine’s Day gift: Anything you’ve always wanted for yourself

Even if she’s always wanted it too, this is not the time to buy for yourself. Forget that she’s professed a fondness for owning a new RIM Blackberry 7750 because when she opens that package she’s going to see right through your obvious ploy. And don’t even think about trying that 300 piece poker chip set you’ve had your eye on for the last six months.

Worst Valentine’s Day gift: The absolute worst!

Yes, you’ve probably guessed it by now. The absolute worst gift you can get your wife or significant other for Valentine’s Day is nothing. Don’t even try explaining this one since words will be futile. Better luck next year! Count on sleeping on the couch for quite a few nights after this major faux pas.

Now you know how to avoid the cold shoulder this Valentine’s Day and you still have plenty of time to select an appropriate gift for your devoted wife.

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    I like the way you expressed everything, I can’t imagine the reaction when some one receives such presents…

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