Six Ways to Stick to a Holiday Budget

November 26, 2008 by Jean Anne  
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How to make a budget and stick to it.

     It’s very difficult to stick to a budget at this time of year.  There are so many loved ones to buy for and so many wonderful gifts.  Stores are offering great deals but it all adds up quickly.  Here are a few ideas to help you stick to your budget:

¢ Figure your budget first.  Then decide which family members and friends you will buy for.  Try to divide the amount accordingly.

¢ You don’t have to buy something for everyone.  Friends and co-workers will enjoy homemade baked goods more than a new sweater.

¢Try to avoid pre-made gift sets.  They aren’t very personal and they charge extra just for the nice packaging when you could make a nice arrangement yourself for half the price.

¢ When buying for nieces, nephews and grandchildren try to find special gifts that will help keep them busy during vacation.  Coloring books, markers, activity books, craft projects or even a new book are great ideas.

¢ If you want to buy for your sister and her family, think group gift.  Such as a new board game or a video game for the entire family to play together.  Another great group gift is a new release movie with microwave popcorn and snacks.

¢ Try to make gifts personal rather than traditional.  For example, give an avid golfer new golfballs, tees, towel etc, ranther than slippers.  A nurse may enjoy a cute new scrub top instead of a robe.

¢ Gifts are appreciated even more when they are useful.  Maybe your dad needs a new tool-box or mom needs a new keyboard for the computer.

     These are just a few of the guidelines I try to follow when it comes to gift-giving.  There are also many ways to give gifts that don’t cost a cent.  You can offer to babysit for a friend so she can have a night out with her husband, volunteer at the school funfair, help arrange an office party, clean an elderly loved ones home if they are unable or simply volunteer at your local soup kitchen.  I promise that you will feel good while doing good for others.  This is your gif to yourself. 

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