Five Worst Valentines Day Presents of All Time

January 27, 2008 by PrinceOfPersia  
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Wondering what to get her for Valentines Day? Read this first or else you might just get a kick in the behind back. Great romances strive on great presents, so take care when choosing a gift for that special someone.

  1. A Toaster

    This is pretty obvious. For her, a toaster means, “Make me breakfast in bed and treat me like a god all the time because I bothered to get you this toaster”… most certainly not a good impression.

  2. An exercise bike

    A big no-no by all means. She’s going to think, “So, he think I’m fat! He won’t think so when I twiddle his ears around, dilapidate his feet, and catapult him out of the kitchen window to his death!!”

  3. Cheap chocolate

    We do not recommend this seemingly innocent gift. She is sure to stop calling because she will think cheap chocolate is all she deserves. Cheap chocolate is for stupid girls. Not special ladies. Special ladies deserve more.

  4. Socks

    This will encourage her to run away from you. Fast. Never to return again. Socks! Seriously! Are you sick or what?!

  5. Nothing

    This is the worst of all. Don’t be lazy this Valentines Day. Don’t let the fire die down. Go out and find that special gift for your loved one. Spread the love!

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