Five Reasons Why Mom Should Get an R/C Helicopter for Mother’s Day

April 2, 2008 by upay2much  
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Do you know what you’re getting your Mom for Mother’s Day? Don’t just get her a lame gift when you can get her one of those cool R/C helicopters. Here are five good reasons she would enjoy it.

Everybody who celebrates Mother’s Day this year has a little more than a month to buy her something useful. Don’t just go out and get her flowers. That’s such a lame gift and so is, perfume. It’s no use trying to buy her jewelry. The stuff she likes is way over anyone’s budget, especially mine. And forget clothes, do you really want to go into a store and shop for something sexy for your own mother? I think iPods are cool but I have to get one first. I’m through guessing what she’ll like.

So, this year, I think I’m going to get my mom one of those cool remote control helicopters. Here are 5 reasons why I think she’ll enjoy it:

  1. She can use the spy cam mounted on the heli to make sure we’re doing our homework.
  2. She can fly it around indoors and trim the plants (accidentally).
  3. She can crash it on the couch to deter our cat from sleeping on the furniture.
  4. She can practice keeping her cool by hovering the helicopter up and down.
  5. We can share flying it so that we spend some mother and son time.

If you can think of more reasons, please send them by.

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