Cute Maternity Halloween Costumes for Couples

September 12, 2008 by joyful327  
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Are you pregnant and searching for a cute Halloween costume set? Here are some adorable ideas.

Are you pregnant this Halloween? Planning on going to a Halloween party with your spouse? Looking for a maternity Halloween costume? Want Halloween costumes that will be memorable and funny? Here are some creative costume duos that are that will flaunt your little (or big) belly. Be sure to take lots of photos as it will be cute for the Baby Book!

Moon and Astronaut

This is definitely a one-of-kind Halloween costume set for pregnant couples. Simply decorate your belly as the moon, craters and all, and wear all black. (You might wear a tank top that you can pull up.) Your partner will dress as the astronaut. You can purchase the astronaut Halloween costume online – just google “astronaut adult costume” and several Halloween costume stores will come up. For an added touch, he carry a small American flag. This is a costume set that will impress your friends for sure.

Sun and Sunbather

Alternatively to painting your belly like the moon, you can paint it like the sun. Just get some yellow paint, paint your belly, put a smile on it, and voila – you’re the sun! Your significant other can be a sunbather – just wear shorts, t-shirt, flip-flops, etc. Everyone will enjoy seeing this fun costume combination! You will brighten up the Halloween party for sure!

Fishbowl and Cat

If you can talk your man into dressing up like a cat (yes some cats are boys) then the fishbowl/cat combination would be adorable. Just paint your belly like a fishbowl, add cute little pictures of fish and dress in all of the same color. If you click here, you will find a blog entry with a picture of a fishbowl belly. (Be sure to scroll down.) Here is an article on how to make a cat costume, it’s written for children but you can adapt it for adults. This Halloween costume might be the hit of the party.

Watermelon and Farmer

Have some old overalls on hand? Your partner can wear them to dress as a farmer, while you paint your belly as a watermelon. This is perfect if you live in an agricultural area, but it’s a great choice for all Halloween costume parties. These are fairly simple costumes to make and will create long-lasting memories.

Basketball and Athlete

If you’re an athletic couple (or even if you’re not) this set will be cute. Just paint your pregnant belly as a basketball and wear all black. Your spouse will dress as an athlete, wearing shorts, tennis shoes, sweatband, etc. For a cute photo moment, he can hold your belly where it looks like a basketball.

Bun in the Oven and Baker

This costume set is a little different and will show creativity. Just do your best to paint your belly like an oven with a bun in it – or just paint a bun on it – it will be cute either way. Your partner can get a chef’s hat, and voila – he’s a baker. If you want to go all out, you can purchase a costume set online, just google “Bun in the oven” costume.

Mom in Labor and Doctor

This one might not be as creative as the others, but it’s still sure to be funny and cute. For these Halloween costumes, you’ll wear a hospital gown – you can find one on ebay. The dad-to-be dresses as a doctor. You can just wear some scrubs or find a doctor costume at Halloween stores or online. Send a copy to your OB, he/she will enjoy having this photo. (Or photos of any of the other costume sets.)

These are just a few maternity Halloween costume ideas. Enjoy the Halloween Party! Have fun!

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