Christmas Shopping, Hints for Reducing The Stress

November 8, 2009 by Val Mills  
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Are you dreading yet another year of frenzied Christmas shopping and budget blow-out? A little prior planning can simplify your shopping experience. The following hints could make the Christmas season less stressful for you.

It’s that time of year again, the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. If you are like me, every year you will promise yourself to be more organised this year, and it just doesn’t happen. We all know there are easier ways to glide into the Christmas season than joining the last minute shopping rush. We just need to put a few hints into place to make Christmas shoppingless stressful.

Make Lists: Regular list makers know this is one of the simplest ways of organising your Christmas shopping. First there’s the obvious list of people you need to buy for, then the list of affordable gifts. Having two or three suitably priced gifts beside each person’s name reduces the need for shopping rage.

Set a Budget: If you allocate an absolute limit to your Christmas spending before you start, it’s easier to stay within your limit. Once you know the total you’re prepared to spend, then consider how much you’ll allocate to each person on the list.

Manage your Time: To avoid rushing around at the last moment, start shopping early. This doesn’t need to mean months before, but at least start by 1 December. Also consider whether you’re able to shop out of peak hours. The quieter times mean you’re less likely to feel presured into a purchase because cues of people are waiting.

Shop Online: A popular way to avoid shopping stress is to shop online at a time that suits you. However, a word of caution – remember to keep to your budget and buy only what you’ve previously decided on. Avoid temptation!

Gift Certificates: Instead of tearing your hair out becasue you can’t decide on a suitably priced gist for a friend, buy a gift certificate. Be it a book voucher, movie tickets, fun park entry tickets or a plant voucher, there are many places that sell gift certificates in a range of prices. Your friend then gets the fun of choosing their own gift.

Some of these ideas may seem obvious, but once the Christmas rush starts they’re easily forgotten. Plan ahead, give yourself time, and you’ll have time to put your feet up and enjoy a coffee or wine on Christmas Eve.

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2 Responses to “Christmas Shopping, Hints for Reducing The Stress”
  1. catlord Says:

    Gift cards to ‘Big Box Stores’ believe me, are wonderful! A $20 or $30 ‘gift card’ towards the purchase of something that I WANT is more meaningful to me than a $50.00 shirt that makes me look fat and disgusting. Oh sure, -love the gift, sentiment and time of year but ‘gift card,’ or plate of home-baked chocolate chip cookies even, is more meaningful to me than something expensive…

  2. yes me Says:

    Glad its past for now Val cheers

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