Christmas Ideas for Mom

December 16, 2007 by Audrina Hilton  
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Can’t decide what to get your Mom for Christmas? Here are ten ideas of great inexpensive gifts for Mom that will mean allot.

Make this Christmas gift the one she will always remember.

Here are some ideas of what you can get your mom for Christmas. They are inexpensive; however, they are the ones that will mean the most.

  1. Coffee mug with packets of hot chocolate and candy in it
  2. Make a calendar with pictures you’ve drawn or pictures of the family and special memories
  3. Buy a cheap picture frame and decorate it however you’d like and put a picture of you and your Mom in it
  4. Make a scrapbook of all your family’s favorite vacations and memories
  5. Create a “coupon book” with special coupons for your Mom such as washing the dishes or cooking dinner or a foot massage
  6. Get a t-shirt made with a picture of you and your Mom on it and write something special such as “#1 Mom” or “World’s Best Mom”
  7. Surprise your mom with breakfast in bed on Christmas morning
  8. Bake cookies and put them on a decorative plate
  9. Make a CD for your mom of her favorite songs
  10. Sometimes all a mom needs is a hug and a kiss and to hear you say “I love you.”
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