Christmas Gifts for Tween Girls

November 27, 2007 by S.F. Heron  
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Christmas shopping for girls age 9-12 can be a total nightmare. Tween girls are stuck between being kids wanting toys and being young adults. Finding that extra special gift for these girls just got easier.

Yes, it’s that time again-the time every parents to a tween just dreads. Christmas shopping! I can feel mild panic ensue as I consider how truly impossible it is to add that sparkle to my tween daughter’s eyes Christmas morning. I know I’m not alone in having absolutely no clue what to get my child for Christmas gifts. I have just about a month to get my act together.

What’s a tween, you ask? It’s a creature aged 9-12. One who isn’t playing with toys anymore but isn’t quite old enough to stop being interested in toys. A tween girl can’t date boys yet but is very interested in all things girly, including boys. One who knows Santa Claus is really Mom and Dad but still wants to feel that special magic and surprise of unexpected gifts on Christmas morning.

I’ve decided to do all of us a favor. I’m on the hunt to find those amazing, reasonably-priced Christmas gifts for our tween girls. You’ll thank me for this, you really will…once it’s 3 days before Christmas and you’re tearing your hair out with a list in your hand stating, “makeup from Claire’s and a lava lamp.” Yea, sure. As if a tween nowadays would tolerate getting just two gifts for Christmas.

So here goes:

  1. Letter Art 2

    Cool And Colorful Letter Designs to Draw (American Girl Library) by American Girl – Hours of fun.

  2. Mall Madness by Hasbro

    Board game for those tweens who love to shop.

  3. Journal

    Any hard-back bound lined paper journal

  4. The Care & Keeping of You

    The Body Book for Girls (American Girl Library) by Valorie Schaefer – a truly fabulous book with answers to all the questions tweens have about growing up.

  5. Pens & Pencils

    All of a funky enough variety, of course.

  6. Karaoke Machine

    Yes, it’s between $100-150 but then what price is your sanity when you don’t have to hear, “I’m so bored” anymore?

  7. High School Musical 2

    Any video, CD, etc. Enough said.

  8. Webkinz

    A stuffed animal that can hang out in the virtual world with other Webkinz. Guess what? You don’t have to clean up after these pets!

  9. Any subscription to a “teen” magazine

    American Girl, J-14, Girl’s Life, National Geographic Kids…

  10. Gift Cards

    Music stores, Itunes cards, Limited Too, Claires, even Toys ‘R Us allows them to choose their gift and extend their fun past Christmas too.

  11. Jewelry Box

    Of course, they need some place to stores their treasures.

  12. Scrapbooking Set

    These sets come with everything a tween could want to create a memory book except pictures – that”s your job!

  13. MP3 Player

    There are so many, in various price categories. Tween’s love these gadgets and they are reasonably priced.

  14. FLY Pentop Computer

    … A LeapFrog product. For homework help, MP3 play and games. Pen, recharger, speaker and special Fly paper should come in at about $130-150.

  15. Handheld Walkie Talkies

    Yes, I know, this is basically a toy but a perfect gift for your tween to use with her friends during a play date.

Don’t forget the batteries!


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65 Responses to “Christmas Gifts for Tween Girls”
  1. Anna Laglance Says:

    im a girl at age 12 and i took a look at the gift list and i don’t like most of the gifts and when I say most I mean MOST.
    (well that may just be me)

  2. JB Says:

    Well, everyone really is different – obviously parents ought to look at these items with their own kids in mind. I’m sure there are other tween girls who wouldn’t necessarily want these things.

    However, speaking for my family, my tween loves damn near everything on this list (and already has several of the items)!

  3. stephanie Says:

    im a 12 year old girl and those gifts dont seem….interesting…it’s not the things 12 year old girls would want

  4. sarah Says:

    all these gifts are girl i am 12 and need something you know that i like for christmas

  5. Jess Says:

    im 11 and yea some of these things r good like the magazine subsciptions, but something else would be nice too!

  6. unknown Says:

    im am 10 and i dont see anything that cool.

  7. janae Says:

    im 12 and im not into that any more
    maybe u should try:
    -bath wraps
    -lip gloss
    -nail polish
    -travel size bath and body works things

  8. Not listing Says:

    IKaraoke Possibly
    bath and body works
    Aeropostal, Hollister, Limited Too
    cell phone
    travel pillow
    designers world

  9. who cares Says:

    I’m 11 and all of this is lame

  10. no name Says:

    I am 12 and none of this seems to hot for me. A younger friend, who is 8, got some of this stuff for her b-day! :(

  11. kandee Says:

    yawn…boring…lame…dont u ppl kno what 12 yr old freakin want?? not that!

    lip gloss
    nail polish
    cell phone

  12. basketballgirlz Says:

    I am 11 and I think some of the stuff is ok but most of it is kinda boring.

  13. kelsey Says:

    ya this list is pretty lame im 12 and things i want are like

    cell phone
    video camra
    twilight books

  14. paige Says:

    ya this list is sooo stupid
    seriouly no one like hanna monntanna or hms when ur 12 or 13
    they want cell phones clothers shoes jewlery and maybe some Karaoke thing

  15. bad ass Says:

    i’am 13 u guys suck

  16. jayde Says:

    im an eleven year old girl and some of this stuff is kool but i dont like the pencils-or-webkinz okay these things are okay but really only a 9 or lower would want these
    i want these:
    make up-lush products
    mp3 or ipod
    twilight books
    cell phone

  17. jade Says:

    mall madness?? im 12 and this isnt what i would want i wouldnt want webkinz either theyre for 4-9 year olds – mp3 player? try ipod

  18. unknown Says:

    I\\\’m 12 years old and i thinksome of these girls comments sound veryrude,i like alot of the stuff on the list, and i get that other girls might not, one thing though is some of the stuff on here is more something younger kids than what our age group might like.

  19. alexandria Says:

    pens pencils walkytalky????? what GIRLLLLL

  20. Saffron x Says:

    im 11 andd i wear make up andd stuff likee dat i wudnt want walkytalkys and pens n dat for christmas i wud wantt make-up clothees lush stuff andd stuff like dat sume 11-12 yr olds r into stuff likee dat but most of dem aint

  21. Mariam Says:

    I think it really depends on the girl. Personally I don’t really prefer anny of the things listed here and I’m turning 12 in 2 months. To tell you the truth not many girls my age are into the “Disney” singers. Most of the kids I know who like that are about 6 or 7 but as I said it depends on the girl. I am not the girly girl type so I don’t really like these. I still play Webkinz because I never had the heart to expire my account :) Lots of things are awesome on here like the karaoke machine, the scrapbooking kit, and the walkie talkies- just don’t get the cheap toy kinds they are awful. Get something from motorola or something that will work or like 2 miles or so. They are fun to play spy with.

    Again it depends what kind of music your kid likes I like Fireflies that is such a nice song and Hot N Cold.

    You know best what your girl likes so I am not going to say they are bad gifts because if she loves them that’s all that counts. So good luck! :)

  22. Kaitlin Says:

    All of these freakin items stink! i’m twelve and I want stuff like clothes, jewlery, makeup, nitendo wii games, or like ipod gift cards or mall gift cards. Not hsm dolls or c.ds or walkie talkies… I know five year olds who want that stuff……. no twelve year old like what a five year old wants. We are not in the 50’s you need to get over musics and dolls and actually talk to some twelve year olds and relize what they want; like what I mentioned earlier…. either get it or don’t offer “advice”

  23. Mikky Says:

    No way!!! I\’m 12, and R U serious?? A pencil, or a leapfrog?? That\’s 4 2 year old. And the webkinz R sooo 2 years ago. Also, HSM is a horrible thing 2 buy. It\’s the same with hannah montana, or NE disney crap. Lol. Srry, I\’d rather have makeup, clothes, gift cards 2 aero, hollister, abercrombie, iTunes, claires, etc. And a new cell phone, a laptop, a new bike, and DS games. Think more grown up. 12 year olds R a TON more in2 gifts 4 older girls than U think.

  24. youcandoit Says:

    I’m 12 and seriously, some of you guys are harsh. Even though it’s not exactly accurate, it’s not like some of you guys could list as much as she did. And if you’ve never been twelve, then you shouldn’t even think about posting a negative comment.
    S. Heron, just keep trying, i know you’ll get it right eventually. I’d give you some ideas, but I’m stumped. That’s why I’m on this site anyway. Don’t take these negative comments to heart. Some of these commentors don’t even know what they’re talking about.

  25. Haismaa Says:

    heyy hold up im 11 and u guys r rude if u dont like the gifts get off the website its that easy

  26. Haismaa Says:

    im 11 and i like most of these they arnt to badd.. :)

  27. Haismaa Says:

    im 11 and i like most of these they arnt to bad.. :)

  28. Jordyb Says:

    Okay, im 12 and I didnt like any of those ideas for gifts.
    I dunno if thats just me but here are some of things girls my age would want:

    Hope that helped…
    Im not trying to be rude either, saying I dont like everything on here and im not trying to be high maintenance, but this is just for people who might be interested in this stuff..
    -Jordyn >;)

  29. Alex Says:

    I am 11 but I really want walky talkies I love to play man hunt and walkie talkies are easier than wwasting my cell batteries. But the other stuff not crazy about so yepp

  30. Rosie Wood Says:

    I am 11, and i really think cut out the disney stuff!! i want stuff like makeup and spa stuff….. hope that helped

  31. Molly Says:

    I am 12 now and i really like fashion and stuff like makeup and
    spa stuff so maybe that will give you an idea.

  32. a good dad Says:

    Love all the 11-12 y/o girls saying this stuff is junk. Yes, my 9/10 year old girl ‘might’ like some on this list, but its more for a 7-9 y/o girl. You really should restructure your ages. 11/12 y/o girls have a completely different taste than 9/10 y/olds. 13-15 y/o girls are almost young adults.

    Here is a better list for a 9/10 year old Tween:

    Zhu Zhu Pet Hampster (any color)
    Scribblenauts for the Nintendo DS
    Warriors: The New Prophecy Box Set 1-6 (paperback)
    Club Penguine (anything)
    How to Draw – Anime/Magna
    Beginner Guitar 3/4 size (Hanna Montana or Tinkerbell)

    Here is a better list for a 11/12 year old Tween:

    Gift cards to any major dept store
    Fashionable clothes
    Fashionable Jewelry
    Make up
    A real digital camera
    iPod or iTouch

    See, theres a huge leap from a 10 year old girl to an 11 year old girl who feels grown up all the sudden. 10-11 is when a girl puts away all the toys and starts socializing.

  33. Sharline berry. Says:

    This is not a list for a 9-12 year old. jessh! people why care about getting gifts?!?! We should be the ones giving them!!

  34. Sammie Says:

    Okaay… I’m 12 and a half and okay, most of these gifts are okay, but my problem is that the ones that have been listed via comments are mainly the ones i’ve got, or already listed. I’m left with £40 to spend still and i’m stuck! And dont say 12-13 year olds aren’t into the disney things, because nearly everyone i know & me like them so you know, keep it to yourself. We only want to know gift ideas!

  35. agirl/person/tween Says:

    Ok, ummm, these things I could normally buy somewhere else in the year and they are a bit boring and too young for tweens. I am 12, got a Fly Pentop computer long ago, ipods are getting old (i don’t have one but hey!), journal…what were you thinking!, all in all, I agree with all other girls my age when we say ‘You don’t know your tween!’

  36. yoyogirl Says:

    oh wow well umm not much to say that hasnt already been said sooo yah ok om lleaveing now…………. by to tell u the truth really dont know eny one who likes american puke dolls btb im 12

  37. Samantha Says:

    umm…..this is for my friends i have like six or seven best friends and i am 13 would a homemade bracelet be good if i asked them what there favorite color was a put it in the bracelet cause we are all close friends i am stumped and i dont know if that is lame or no

  38. Cathy Says:

    these r really really really crap presents and my little sis could do better at picking presents!

  39. Not Telling Says:

    I’m trying to shop for my 11yr old daughter and I have been reading these comments left by some children. Reading all these comments from MOST of you LITTLE GIRLS it is apparent u don’t have to work for anything you have or you wouldn’t sound so spoiled rotten. Unfortunately I can imagine my daughter writing something similar to most of these comments and I don’t want to buy her anything now!!!!!!!

    I remember being 9-14 just because I thought something was cool doesn’t mean that I got it. All the kids wanted the grown up stuff, but that is part of the problem with the adolescent society in todays world. There are no boundaries for them, they think they are mature enough or the parents don’t want to do their job so they give them what they want to keep them quite and out of their hair.

  40. Elissa Says:

    i am an 11 yr old girl and half that stuff is rubbish (no affence) i would rather get a laptop or a new phone for christmas so dont get any of that stuff get something good

  41. Louise Says:

    To the tweens above: You may have outgrown these ideas but offer some new ones instead of making it harder for everyone. Christmas is about giving from the heart not the credit card.

    Gift baskets are my solution for hard-to-buy people. Pick a box, basket or gift bag and fill with an assortment of small gifts like chocolates, gift cards, phone credit, bath and body products, phone accessories, video games, magazines, facial vouchers, DVDs, CDs, movie vouchers, books, jewelery, perfume, stuffed toys, puzzles, food, candy and drinks. I find it helpful to go with a theme like “the mall”, “the spa” or “the movies” — really anything your teen loves doing.


    The Mall (use a cute canvas shopping bag as the basket): two or three gift cards, a drink and candy, a loyalty card to favourite stores if you’re not already a member, a copy of “the confessions of a shopaholic” (book or dvd), a copy of a fashion magazine “shop to you drop” (or a teen magazine) and a trip to a mall you haven’t been to before for you and a few friends.

    The Spa (use a toiletries bag as the basket): a mud mask, hair treatment, a french manicure kit, nail polish in your favourite colour, a facial voucher at your local spa, a bathrobe, a pretty shower cap, candy, lip balm, body lotion and a teen magazine to read while the polish dries.

    The Movies (use a box or gift bag as the basket): a large supply of popcorn or a popcorn maker, an assortment of DVDs that you don’t own, soundtracks or movie posters, candies, snacks, a gift card for the local cinema and host a movie night for your teen and her friends. This one could be themed around a favourite actor or movie genre.

    Most of the little gifts can be purchased cheaply at dollar stores. I usually choose a larger splurge gift like the gift cards (mall), facial voucher (spa) and popcorn maker (movies) and then keep costs low on everything else. I hope this helped!

  42. purplecookiemonster Says:

    hi i am 11 years old, 12 in a few months. i understand the other girls saying that these gift ideas are a little “under-aged” cause i totally agree with them. but i dont think its cool that some girls are saying “oh these suck!” and not giving ideas to improve this. some things on here are alright like the karaoke machine but some of the stuff we have totally outgrown like hsm and webkinz stuff. heres somethings that 11-13 year olds might like:
    gift cards (itunes, bath and body works, clothing stores like american eagle, ect…)
    things that are colorful and decorative but not too little-like

    but guys, remember that its not all about receiving :)
    hope this helps
    p.s. i dont know if this calls for a lot of girls, but for me and my friends, the store justice is a no-no when talking about 11 year old girls and up.

  43. millie Says:

    i dont think i would want these so maybe think a little harder!!! if you want your child to be happy maybe a dsi like i got on christmas 2009 it wicked.
    ps. mine was £170 but the prices have gone down quite a lot :)

  44. emily Says:

    u lot these presents make me fell :(

  45. mary Says:

    i think that all of the toys are pretty cool. i like makeup because its so fun. by the way Santa isn’t real.

  46. b Says:

    hahaha wow this was funny to read the comments i dont think 11 year olds should get a laptop or a cell phone!!! Im 17 and just getting a laptop for going off to school and by the time you 11 year olds go to school your laptop will be dead so BIG WASTE!!!! . but ya webkinz is for like 3 year olds haha.

  47. wat r u looking at Says:

    look, im nearly gonna be 12 and i hardly like anything on this list except the mp3 player and the karaoke machine!!!
    webkinz and high school musical are 4 kids around the age of 6!

    so i think you hav to do a bit more research.

    p.s this list didn’t help

  48. wat r u looking at Says:

    here r some suggestions:
    mobile phone/cell phone
    make up
    i pod
    silly bands
    a secret diary
    hand bag
    nintendo ds

  49. lilly gsgsgsgs Says:

    i am not being rude but most of these things are not really what i would want. I am 11 and i would want something like:
    Lip gloss or some movies…

  50. Like A G6 Says:

    I like some of your options and I don’t like some. But that doesn’t mean if other people dont like them they have to start cursing and being mean. I’m 13. Everyone, Stop. Being. Jerks.
    Heres What I Put On My Christmas List 2 “Santa”
    1. Super Mario Bros DS Game
    2. Trampoline
    3. Cover For My Cell Phone
    4. Ping Pong Table
    5. Soccer Ball
    6. Video Camera
    7. Magazine Subscription
    8. Twilight Books
    9. Laptop
    10. Fun :D

  51. Like A G6 Says:

    I like some of your options and I don\\\’t like some. But that doesn\\\’t mean if other people dont like them they have to start cursing and being mean. I\\\’m 13. Everyone, Stop. Being. Jerks.
    Heres What I Put On My Christmas List 2 \\\”Santa\\\”
    1. Super Mario Bros DS Game
    2. Trampoline
    3. Cover For My Cell Phone
    4. Ping Pong Table
    5. Soccer Ball
    6. Video Camera
    7. Magazine Subscription
    8. Twilight Books
    9. Laptop
    10. Fun :D

  52. Kate Says:

    I’m a 12 year old girl, and I don’t find much of this very appealing . . . :S

  53. Hannahhhhhhhhhhh Says:

    Ok Im 13 and this sucks! Sry but it does! I would like:

    1) New Slippers
    2) Gift cards to:
    A. Justice
    B. All Mall/ Coconut Point
    C. Clair’s
    D. Bath and Body
    E. iTunes
    F. Abercrombie
    G. Hollister
    H. Aeropastale
    I. Target
    3) Money
    4) New Phone ( I want to pick this out )
    5) IPHONE!
    6) Perfume
    7) Make-up
    8) TV
    9) Earrings
    10) Cute Wallet with wrist strap
    This is my christmas list (im still workin)

  54. Lilli Chace Says:

    Im 11 and the only good thing(s) i see on here are mp3 player and maybe a scrapbooking set. What i want for Christmas is a cell phone, (and) or, a tv next year and a laptop i want hair extensions pretty colors and i have a bubbly personality REALLY its depending on the people what kind of gifts u should get them!!!!! one thing everyone of us wants is a cell phone or tv or camera or laptop or maybe even and tricked out room we arent into all those toys anymore!!

  55. no Says:

    im 11 i dont really like any of that stuff and not all tweens r into lip gloss and shopping and blah blah blah blah

  56. basketball168 Says:

    hey! im not trying to be rude but all these things are a little childish for 11,12,13 year old girls. my self beinf 12 almost 13 would not realy want any of these things. i would say:
    1. Perfumes, body sprays
    2. Clothes from hollister, abacrombie, and aeropastele
    3.light not to dramitic makeup and mascara
    4.earings and jewlery if have ears peirced
    5. im a basketball player so i would like the black nba socks to wear at practice
    6. cell phone and if you think to young prepaid or go phone
    7. ipod. I have a touch and love it!

    Those are just my oppions!
    hope that helps!!! :)

  57. Julie74525 Says:

    Ok well my 12 yr old has a iPhone 4 and a four wheeler. Computer and laptop. & walkie talkies. The good kind. She loves them. She has drums, keyboard, electric guitar , a Wii, new white xbox 360, flat screen, iPod , CD player. I thought she had it all. Until I read her Christmas list. This is what she wants.
    Singing machine , recording studio, mic, a new video camera, and American Girl dolls. I guess that’s what I’ll get her.

  58. Lady Jen Says:

    Im 11 and even if i was 5 i wouldnt want dis stuff!!!
    So PLEASE parents of tweens dont get them the stuff on the list at the top.
    Heres some tings that i would like:
    nintendo games/x box games/wii games etc.
    gift card for cloths/makeup
    hope ive helped.

  59. Micky Says:

    New cd
    Cell phone
    Aerropostale,hollister, justice, abercrombie, limited too
    gift cards
    Bath and body works

  60. vannah Says:

    i an 11 and i agree with all of you, every thing is lame, there is never anything to choose from and nothing here that i rels want.

  61. gymnastics Says:

    pens, pencils, a notebook? really?we arent shopping for school supplies this is cchristmas give us something 9-12 year olds will acually want!

  62. best iphone 4 case Says:


  63. Jessica Says:

    Im 12 and i like 3,4,5,6,9,10,11,and 13
    there smart and a nice gift for a unspoiled tween
    i’m actually asking my mom for some of theese…

  64. a12yearold Says:

    i am 12 and i think some of these comments are not very nice and you say you want a ipod they are the same as mp3 players exept they are more expenisve i have a walkman and that was for christmas. and why do you want make up you should like how you look not cover it up. and lastly i would love a scrapbook or cds

  65. amandaraye Says:

    I’m a 31 year-old mom of a 12 year old……a little taken back by so many of the comments by other 11/12 year old “tweens”……reading your negative postings and poor grammar skills. I think we need to stop buying you “things” and start implenting better social graces. My goodness. If my daughter posted comments like some (not all, there ARE a few gracious young ladies up there) of these, she wouldn’t be getting any of the “hot new, must have item of the year”…….she’s very deserving, great role model, academically advanced, participates in community service, 6th year in Girl Scouts, active in Church. We are incredibly proud of her, and she prefers making memories over making us run around the mall. Be thankful, not greedy.

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