Christmas Decorating on a Budget

November 20, 2008 by Betty Carew  
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Ways to buy decorations while sticking to your budget.

Everyone loves Christmas, yes, even those that are struggling on a budget. We all look forward to that time of year when giving is top on everyone’s list, families gather together to enjoy the Christmas feast and we start the decorating process long before Christmas is near. People that are on a budget may be wondering how they can get their homes ready without breaking the bank.

The best way to go about Christmas decorating on a budget is plan ahead! Stay away from impulse buying. This is where your plan comes in you just have to make up your list and stick to the things you really need. Focus on the rooms you want to decorate and don’t waver.

Once you have your list ready you can start buying but you have to also consider where you are going to do your shopping. Your local dollar store has many things to choose from at a very decent price. Most people think that a dollar store only sells junk but it is far from that. You can pick up some lovely decorations for a buck or less. They carry all kinds of Christmas pictures, tree decorations, wall hangings, lights and even Christmas accessories for your kitchen. Even with these bargains you will have to stick to your list and your budget.

A discount store could hold more surprises than you could imagine. These stores that are a cross between a convenience store and a department store offers items at a discount and you can find some special decorations for under $5.00. You have to be aware in these stores that some of the items will be priced higher than in regular stores. Most of us would like new decorations when we buy but consideration should be given to shopping on line. Sometimes the items are not always new but they look like new and they sell for some very appealing prices. It is well worth the effort to have a look at these but check them out carefully before you purchase them. Thrift stores are another avenue to explore. People donate items to these stores and some of it is brand new. This is a place where you will get a decent price on decorations.

After Christmas is the best time to purchase anything that has to do with Christmas. This is when items are at their lowest and if you can do with a minimal amount of decorations during the Christmas holiday you will get much better specials after Christmas is over. This way you can have your decorations for the following year. Some of the sales you find, after Christmas is over, will be dropped in price up to 95% so it’s well worth waiting for. Christmas decorations don’t have to cost a fortune and your home can look as good as it would be if you bought at some of the upper class stores and all this on a budget.

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