Artificial or Live Christmas Tree, Which Tree is the Green Choice?

November 28, 2008 by SueDoeNim  
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Be eco friendly and have a green Christmas tree this year.


The artificial, reusable Christmas tree must be the best green choice. Not so much. An artificial Christmas tree contains plastic, wood, copper and steel, usually made in Asia and shipped to the U.S.. That’s a lot of natural resources going into an artificial Christmas tree.

A green choice for an artificial Christmas tree is one made from recycled material and used for several Christmas seasons.

A better green choice for a Christmas tree is an evergreen tree that has been grown locally at a tree farm. Tree farms will replant evergreen trees to keep them growing as a renewable resource. A live, cut Christmas tree can be turned into mulch and used in the garden after the Christmas season is over.

The best green choice is a small evergreen tree growing in your own yard. Decorate it and let it continue growing. A small live, potted ever green tree is the best green choice for those dwelling in condos or apartments.

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One Response to “Artificial or Live Christmas Tree, Which Tree is the Green Choice?”
  1. lilymom Says:

    I agree, the artificial tree is not the best. Besides not being environmentally friendly, it does not give us the warm feeling that a live tree does.

    We have a cut tree and we turn it back into the earth when we are done with it. Sometimes we burn it because ashes make good compost.

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