10 Good Gifts to Get That Special Someone for Valentine’s Day!

January 27, 2008 by 3vil  
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What are the best ten gifts to get that special lady Valentine’s Day? Is it flowers and candy? A stuffed animal maybe? Or something huge and expensive?

Well Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Feels like just last week it

was still the Christmas season. Anyway you may be having a problem figuring

out what to get the special lady in your life? Here are 10 ideas I think will


  1. Make Something

    If your really good at making thing or your an artist or even a programmer

    make something that will say I love you. It’s always the best gift to give

    when it comes from you… unless you have a girl that like material things.

  2. Flowers and Candy

    Always the safest thing to get but if you want to impress her you should combine

    it with something else.

  3. Huge Stuffed Animal

    Girls always love huge stuffed animals. Maybe get a giant Teddy bear or something

    like that along with flowers and candy?

  4. Huge Balloons

    Getting giant balloons is good because it’s a good way for the girl to show off and

    says without saying “look how much my man love’s me”. Good with the flowers and

    candy and even the Teddy bear. But don’t give her too much to carry if you plan on

    giving it to her somewhere other than her house.

  5. Anything She’s Been Wanting For a Long Time

    If you’ve been with the girl for a while now maybe a few years get her something

    she’s been dying to get but you just hasn’t gotten. It may not be something big

    but even so it will seem bigger when she gets it because of the fact that you

    remembered. Even if it is big though you might have been wanting to save up for

    it over time so you could get it.

  6. Gift Certificates

    Gift Certificates to places they like to go are good. Maybe a to a store or something

    they’ve wanted to do. And if you don’t want to do that you can always go for tickets to

    some event they want to go to. But a gift certificate is good if you know places they

    like to go and spend money a lot.

  7. Expensive Restaurant

    Going to a big restaurant where you have to dress up to go to is nice and if you

    really wanna make a good impression get her a big gift. No matter what the fact

    you thought about going to a nice restaurant will make her happy. Don’t forget the

    flowers and candy though.

  8. Day At The Spa

    Who doesn’t love a day at the spa? I mean come on it’s a great way to connect

    with your woman if you go too. She’ll love you for the day of relaxation she gets

    and you may get something in return ;) .

  9. Shopping

    Nothing most woman love to do is go shopping. But before you do

    this make sure you have a pretty good amount on you or you give her a pre-paid

    debit card so that she can go on her own if your the type that gets bored while she

    looks at all the cloths or make-up or anything she likes.

  10. Jewelry

    The number one thing of course is always jewelry. And I don’t mean cheap jewelry.

    I mean good amount of money jewelry. It doesn’t have to super expensive but it should

    be a pretty good amount of money.

Anyway if you have a good woman by your side,  she should love anything you get her. And if she doesn’t

then maybe you two weren’t meant to be. But remember to get something you know she

will like and will make her happy if you want to put a big smile on the special person’s


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