Girls, Shopping and Sales

July 22, 2009 by Nikita K  
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Girls love shopping and to combine the shopping with sales is even better! But girls, shopping and sales can also create a dangerous combination. Here is an anecdote that gets to the point where I’m trying to say that shopping isn’t worth the kind of love we give it.

Us girls are very interesting aren’t we?

Recently, I happened to be in a shopping centre during the peak sales time and nearly every shop was on the verge of having its stock cleared out. After about 4 hours of relentless shopping I decided to give my purse a rest and grabbed my self a frappuccino from Starbucks to sit down on one of the many benches outside.

I sat down on the nearly empty bench with my many shopping bags creating a moat round my feet and just stared around for a bit. There were loads of children with their parents getting things from the little Pick ‘n’ Mix place and loads of other shoppers hurrying up to snag a good bargain from the many other shops with discounted prices.

After about 10 minutes, two girls about my age came and sat down on the same bench as I. They seemed incredibly flustered and dropped their bags down, which created a much bigger moat round them than my little moat. I wanted to carry on staring into space but I just couldn’t help eaves dropping into the girls’ conversation.

A woman passed by and one of the girls of the duo said, “Oh my GOD! I really wanted that dress that woman’s wearing there. It’s about 30 quid in New Look but I’m skint now AND New Look don’t have it in my size.” She finished off with an expletive. The other girl gave the first one some consolation and said, “It’s okay. You may be able to get something like it soon.” The first girl said, “Yeah, I know,” She sighed and continued, “I think with hard work, determination and a good bargain, I might get that dress sooner than I’d expect.”

From where I was sat and the way I was hearing the conversation, it seemed pretty funny. It sounded like the dress for the only thing that wasn’t going in that girl’s life. ‘Jeez,‘ I thought to myself, ‘She must be living a pretty idyllic lifestyle if the thing that is bothering her the most is not having a dress.’

What I’m trying to get at is that even though us ladies absolutely adore shopping, we do get a bit out of control sometimes. I can’t think of a scenario now, but I’m pretty sure that at some point in my life I would have moaned about not getting a dress because it wasn’t in my size or because I couldn’t afford it. Sales make us go absolutely berserk and even though all of us would love to have a bargain, we mustn’t act like that is the primary thing in our lives. As a shopping lover myself, I do love the sales time where you can go to all of those nice shops and get the pretty clothes but as I’ve seen from the summer sales, some women wild when it comes to sales, trying to squabble with someone else trying to get that last top on the rails.

Shop wisely, ladies. Sales and discounts already do that for you. But more importantly, shop decently, ladies. Just because you can’t get one dress, doesn’t mean you lose your head over it.

Remember, is not the dress that is important, it’s your dignity.

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  1. chitragopi Says:

    very wisely said, friend. thank u.

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