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December 17, 2010 by Richard Martin  
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Do you want to impress everyone on your list by giving truly awesome and unique gifts? Mail-order catalogs offer the best selection of one-of-a-kind and hard to find gifts.

Do you know where to find those one of a kind treasures that make people’s faces light up when they open the box? Where do you find the hottest gift ideas of the year, the trendiest clothes, funniest gag gifts, or the most heartwarming personalized gifts?

Catalogs! That’s where.

Ever since the Mongomery Ward catalog was first published in 1872, mail-order catalogs have been the source to turn to when you can’t find that “special” gift in any store. And now those great gift catalogs are all online.

Virtually all of the biggest mail-order catalogs of the past century have an online presence today. Mail-order giants like Lillian Vernon, Miles Kimball, Johnson Smith, and Walter Drake have websites to allow you to order quickly and easily. More recently established catalogs such as Spencer Gifts and Sierra Trading Post also have impressive online stores.

Find the coolest gadgets, the most useful household tools, the most stylish trinkets and trend-setting clothes, and the most unusual and hard to find gifts in the world when you shop with catalog merchants.

To find links to the websites of all the major players in the catalog industry try GreatGiftCatalogs.com or catalogs.com

Happy Shopping!

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