Top Five Mothers Day Presents!

March 20, 2011 by CluelessWriter  
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Mothering Sunday is fast upon us, so what can we get those special people in our lives?

1 – What women doesn’t love flowers? I’m not talking a cheap small bouquet from the corner shop that might last a day or two, but a big, vibrant bouquet from a florist! (You can even order online and get them delivered to your mothers door!) What’s more is that you can place a small meaningful message on the card that comes with it!

2 – Handmade Scrapbook. Show your mother exactly how much you love her by putting in hours of effort to create something your mum can keep for life. You can buy nice scrapbooks with pre-coloured and designed pages already, or buy a notepad and decorate it all yourself. Inside print of pictures of you, your mum and your family and surround it by cute sayings, quotes and memories. Maybe even stick in evidence of what you have done together such as – cinema tickets, theatre tickets etc. It is something your mum can keep forever and look back on when shes older.

3 – Poem books, glass quote ornaments and framed verses. Nothing says “Mum, i love you” more than a professional verse of loving words and thoughts. It is important that you spend a lot of thought on the one that you choose and not to just pick a generic one. For example, I lost my father at a young age so therefore would pick one that talked about my mother being there when times were hard and overcoming hard times in our lives.

4 – Rather than get a gift that she might look at once, why not spend the money on something you can do together and make memories that will last a lifetime. Ornaments can be broken and forgotten about, memories wont be. Take your mother out for dinner, treat her to a spa day, theatre tickets… anything your mother could possibly enjoy, treat her to it!

5 – Your generic card shop gifts. As a last resort I would say pop down to your greeting card shop and they’ll shelves upon shelves full of mothers day presents ranging from teddies, key rings, posters, mugs, frames and trinkets. You might find a few wee gems amongst the rubbish such as some meaningful verses along with some cute teddies, you just have to put the work in to find what your mother would like!

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