Tips to Make Shopping for Your Man Easier

April 22, 2009 by Rekil Goth  
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A simple checklist of questions that will help a woman come up with the perfect gift for her man.

In the never-ending battle of the sexes, one consensus is that both genders struggle to purchase gifts for each other.  So, to help out the ladies, here is a general guide to buying a gift for your man. 

A few things must be taken into consideration before purchasing a gift.  First, ask yourself this, why are you getting a gift?  If you cannot answer this question easily, perhaps a gift is not needed and a simple night out will suffice.  Another point you need to realize is that guys perceive gifts completely different from girls.  Women appreciate the thought and effort and are not too finicky about the gift, unless it is a special occasion.  The male brain is completely different.  To put it bluntly, guys only care what the gift is.  Essentially, the male logic is as follows, if you are going through the effort of buying something, then get me something I like, not something that reminded you of me.   Does that sound familiar?  In other words, the item must be one that is desired by your man.  If he has no use for it, he does not want it. 

It might be wise to create a mental checklist and go through each of the following questions when deciding what gift to buy.  After completing the checklist, you may either have an item in mind or at least narrowed it down to a few possibilities.  

The first question to ask is what is the occasion?  If the event is seasonal, this might help you narrow things down.  Remember to correlate the gift with the event.  Birthdays and Christmas are more significant occasions in the eyes of your man compared to anniversaries.  Keep this in mind when choosing, especially since it will influence the question you address next. 

The next question is how much do you want to spend?  A price range can help you get a general idea of the types of items to seek.  For example, a high budget ($300-$500) can allow you to focus on electronics and fancy technological gadgets, while an economical budget ($10-$40) may narrow the items to sports or music paraphernalia.  Remember, the price is not as important as desirability. 

The next question on your mental checklist is what type of guy is he?  The options here vary so, here are some categories: rugged/outdoorsy, intellectual/academic, mechanical/technical, modern/fashionable.  By generalizing your man, you may be able to find websites that cater to these individuals.  For examples, a fancy stationary for the intellectual or the latest wireless accessory for the techie might be a starting point.  Remember the present is for him, not you so, avoid forcing your taste on him.  You may find hockey jerseys hideous, but he will wear it with great pride come the playoffs.  Just make sure you get the team right.   

Another question to ask is what are his hobbies?  It is possible that your man collects something you may not have noticed (tools, movies, latest software etc).  Go through his belongings slowly and group items together.  Try to pick up on any trends or links.      

Move on to inquire what items make him stop paying attention to you?  When you are sitting around watching TV and you are telling him about your day, what comes on the screen when he tunes you out completely (sporting event, electronic gadget, car/boat show, golf getaway etc)? Make a mental note and put in more thought after you make him feel guilty for not listening.     

Make your approach simple and methodical.  Start with what is on his wish list.  Throughout the year, listen to what items he discusses with passion.  Create a list and add to it whenever you hear him mention something new.  Keep the list handy for when you need a gift.  One final tip is to buy a gift in advance and save it for the right occasion.  This approach will save you a lot of time and trouble.  Overall, going through the mental checklist of the above mentioned questions will help you make a purchase and ensure the item you chose will be truly appreciated.  Good luck.  

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