Teen Mom Two

March 7, 2011 by SexyLibraAuthor  
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"Pushing the Limit" "Jenelle and Kieffer aske to move in with Barbara; Chelsea’s father wants Adam to find a job; Kailyn starts dating her ex; Leah and Corey put the wedding on hold."

Jenelle: her mom is letting them stay. Hopefully her son will like that. She let her watch her own son. Didn’t go that well. Made a spot on the couch and she didn’t clean it up and knew it was there. Wow smoking weed in front of her moms house. Jenelle might not never get her child back. Her mom is worried about her.

Chelsea: she’s going to ask for 300 a month I mean her dad is paying for her to stay in that house he shouldn’t and won’t pay for Adam to live there. He don’t want to work, he needs to get out. All he wants to do is sleep and play. She’s worried about him cheating again.

Kailyn : she got a 2nd job and working weekends at the 1st one as well. She starts hanging out with her ex boy again. She just lied to Jo’s mom about not seeing another boy. She keep playing she going to be on the streets. She’s lying to Jo saying she’s working late but she’s really hanging out with that boy.

Leah: is worried about the MRI but good thing she has Corey there by her side. No matter what happens what they say every thing’s going to be ok. Went to check ut a place to get married at. It was so sad they having to put the baby to sleep.

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