Revolution Touch Screens: No Mechanical Keyboard Imitates

May 29, 2011 by Nextland  
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The touch screen with tactile feedback the company is developing for a long time to sell, we met with them yet. Breakthrough promises Kyocera, Japanese operator KDDI. Company introduced a prototype of such a smartphone screen.

    The exhibition shows Japanese operator KDDI Kyocera and at first glance inconspicuous prototype touchscreen smartphone. When visitors try it but finds that the device can provide a significant breakthrough in the field of control of touch phones. The display is provided by the user tactile feedback and button on it so seem as real as traditional hardware keyboard.

    After a long time, when the touch screen with haptic feedback, or just clumsy examples of theories, is starting to sparkle in this field for better times. The display prototype simulates two layers, which means that the user is able to record a double key resistance level, and probably the press in two steps. Kyocera but claims that commercially available units can handle these seven layers, which significantly refines the operation of such a push button.

    Unfortunately, this prototype still does not indicate the technology to market. Operators and manufacturers to swear that the concepts are very excited and they want this technology to market in the near future. How close it can be, that no one wants to say.

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