Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

May 3, 2011 by Datrev  
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Mother’s day is approaching. Are you short with gift ideas? Read further!

You might be a student with few coins in your pockets or a well established professional with a lot of success and money to spend: mother’s day is approaching and you might be short with ideas for a gift to celebrate this great day.

I am willing to help you here, listing a number of gift idea. I dare you not to find at least one that suits your beloved mum!

Let’s start with the FREE ones.

If you live in the US, you have a plethora of choices.

Free Greeting Cards are a very simple idea, as well as Victoria’s secret free vouchers and Neiman Marcus gift cards.

If your mum is a good gourmet, she will certainly like a CheeseCake Factory gift card.

If you live in the UK, I am sure your mum will not dislike free gift cards at Sainsbury or ASDA.

If she is a fan of the Griffin Family, she would be delighted with a Free Family Guy DVD Box set, and if she is a fashion-maniac she will love free Ugg Boots and Zara Vouchers!

If she tends to feel cold, you may consider a comfortable Sleeved Blanket (discount available in US and Canada only) and, if you mum starts showing her age, number 1 rule is don’t tell her, number 2 might be get her a trial wrinkles treatment

Is she a good reader? So why not giving her a 71% discount on Reader’s Digest membership (discount is valid for UK only)?

Lastly the kinkiest ones. Your mum could be a single, having no time or chance to meet a new love.

Why not helping her with free services as Amateur Match in US and Canada, and LocalAndLonely in the US, Canoodle or Cupid in the UK, RSVP Dating in Australia…

It might be embarrassing enough, but still it could be the most useful gift!

Happy Mother’s day to all!

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