How to Give Your Child a Personalized Doll That Looks Like Her

November 11, 2008 by Kristie Leong MD  
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If you’re looking for a unique Christmas gift for a special child this year, find out how you can give a personalized doll crafted in your child’s likeness.

Although most people enjoy the cheer and festivities that come with the holiday season, no one enjoys the hustle and bustle of Christmas more than a young child. Is there a special little girl in your life you’d like to surprise with a unique gift? Imagine the look of delight on her face when she opens your beautifully wrapped gift box and finds a personalized baby doll that looks just like her! This idea can become a reality thanks to the internet.

A website called My Twinn will allow you to create a personalized baby doll crafted in the likeness of your child. Instead of giving a generic doll found in so many stores, you can give a doll a child will treasure all her life and may even become a family keepsake.

Making a personalized baby doll at My Twinn is as simple as going to the site and selecting the “create a doll” tab. You’ll first be asked to select a sex for the doll, either boy or girl and then an outfit for the doll to wear. You have your choice of dressy or casual. You can then select hair length, hairstyle, hair texture, and hair color. You’ll be asked to select skin tone and eye color. You can even choose to have freckles and birthmarks painted on to look exactly like your child. You’ll then be asked to upload a photo of your child so her personalized baby doll can be created.

The cost of having a customized baby doll created for your child is surprisingly affordable for such a time intensive creation, costing $149.00. You also have the option of purchasing a variety of different accessories for your child’s doll including clothing, furniture, and accessories to further personalize the experience. It could be the start of a fun tradition for your child. Each year you could purchase additional items for the baby doll created in her likeness.

When you order your child’s personalized baby doll, you can choose to have a letter addressed to your child describing her doll’s journey to her home. This will really bring the gift to life for her and make it even more special. You can also choose to hide your child’s new doll in a special location. From the website, you can enter where the doll is to be hidden and your child will receive a series of instructions for a treasure hunt which will lead her to her new doll.

What child wouldn’t appreciate a personalized baby doll crafted in her likeness? This is one present that won’t end up in the back of the closet. Why not surprise your little girl with this unique gift?

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