Great Birthday or Anniversary Gifts and Ideas for Your Man

February 7, 2009 by Rob Centore  
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Listen up, ladies. I made it really easy for you. Here, I have listed the top 10 things you can get your man. Whether it be the Holiday season, any special occasion, an anniversary, or a birthday, you will certainly not go wrong with these ideas. Believe me. Read up and love your man, and get him that special something he deserves. It doesn’t have to cost a million dollars, it just has to say “I love you”. Good luck, and enjoy.

10.  Men love things like clothes, hats, gloves, or perhaps a pair of Nike shoes.  Try surfing the web at the  They certainly have great prices.

9.  Always check out things like CD’s, or DVD’s.  These are great gifts and within anybody’s price range.  Also, never forget to check out his favorite singer or artist, not yours!  The last thing he once is to be listening to Christina Augielera on his Birthday.

8.  This brings us to things like a CD holder for his car (the best one’ are the one’s that wrap around the visor mirror).  If your going to buy him some CD’s, you should go the extra mile and see if you can find one of these gadgets.  He will love it even though it might seem simple and low key.

7.  If your not sure what to get him, you cannot go wrong with any type of beer or wine so you two can do something special together and get intoxicated or at least a little buzzed together.  Beer or wine almost always will make the moment a little happier and more enjoyable for both of you unless you want to remember the great memories you are going to share on this special day.  You will probably remember anyways, but just to make sure, don’t go too crazy but make sure to plan a little event and make sure to enjoy yourself.  But, more importantly, always make sure he is enjoying himself first.  After all, this is his day (if its his birthday).  If its your anniversary or some other special day, maybe he should be trying to please you! 

6.  You can also think of getting him any other type of drug for your two to share if you are both, or he is into that sort of thing and you don’t mind.  However, be careful when approaching people you do not know when trying to buy or attain illegal substances.

5.  That brings us to our next gift.  You can always get him a nice decorative glass bowl to smoke herb in.  You cannot go wrong if your into pot and smoking the fine, fine cheebah.  Your boyfriend will certainly love a new piece of glass, or better yet, his first pipe.

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  1. iakul Says:

    hi, your article was plagiarised. Link to offending article –>

    If it leads to a non-existent discussion, then it has already been deleted after being reported for violating MyLot guidelines. If it’s still there, just wanted to let you know.

  2. Rob Says:

    Wow!..Yes it has already been removed and I just realized your post. I cannot believe that someone would actually plagarise this article that I wrote..that is pretty pointless, they must have been hurtin for ideas because mine are not all that enlightening! But thank you for looking out and reporting them! Thank you for giving me the heads up as well!

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