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March 26, 2011 by Sydney Hazelton  
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I really did not expect this. For his performance bonus this year, my dear husband has decided to buy me a piece of gold jewelry.

I knew that the gold jewelry served many purposes. First of all, it was meant to appease me. Due to his guilt trip, he wanted to find a way to make amends.

Secondly, he wanted to buy a guitar himself. He is a guitar addict, a name he calls himself in his blog. In fact, he has bought several in the past few weeks which cost much more than what he’s giving me.

But whatever the reason, I’m extremely happy to be a couple of hundred dollars richer in terms of net worth. He gave me a small budget to work on, but I knew I could get something simple and nice. I settled for an anklet.

I missed the one my mum bought for me. I wore it everyday, but for some reason I stopped wearing the golden anklet. So my mum sold it and bought herself other pieces of jewelry.

I wanted something I could wear on a daily basis. I knew that I’d make my husband happy if I wore his gold jewelry gift everyday. I knew I’d just be too clumsy with a bracelet, so I settled for an anklet instead.

I went to several shops which sold white gold, 18K or less. Although the price was cheap, but I’d rather have something that has value over time.

Then I went a gold jewelry shop. I tried several pieces to find out a suitable length for my anklet, but there were no designs I liked. And when I asked about alterations, she was not willing to entertain me, so I grabbed my free bottle of mineral water and left.

I stepped into another gold jewelry store. This time I got a better service. The sales personnel allowed to look and try as many pieces of gold anklet I wanted. The length and weight of the gold anklet was also important. It has to be within the set budget.

After looking at the available designs, I asked several questions about whether they allow for alteration or adjustments. They do. I can come down within 7 days to do so. Service was much friendlier here and I was happy. I reserved one piece of gold anklet.

The next day, I came to the shop with my husband to buy the bracelet. The price of gold must have dropped a bit and it was cheaper that day than the day before. I was happy and so was hubby. He said it was a good day to buy.

I asked whether the shop allowed customers to resell the old gold jewelry pieces back. They said that they would accept their own pieces at market price minus 5 percent. That’s good to know. At least I can do the necessary calculations, if the need arises.

Overall, I’m jubilant at the purchase. I have not bought a piece of gold jewelry for myself for years. This gift made me really happy.

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