Gifts for Him: 10 Gifts That Will Make Him Think You’re the Coolest Chick Ever

January 28, 2009 by Denise Kawaii  
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Are you having problems finding the perfect gift for the man in your life? If you are, here are some gifts that will bring a smile to his face.

Every woman is on the quest to find the perfect gift for her man.  Unfortunately, in the arena of gift giving men and women tend to have very different ideas of what the “perfect” gift is.  I’ve learned that flowers and chocolates don’t get me very far with my husband, so after weeks of keeping track of his dog-eared magazine pages, web-browsing and phone conversations (all in the name of research – I swear!) I’ve developed a list of gizmos and gadgets that any man would love to receive.

The Koffski Wallet and Shoulder Holster

If your man has deep-seated fantasies of becoming a secret agent, here is something that will make him feel like he’s on top of his spy-game.  It looks like a shoulder-holster for firearms, but it’s really a holster for credit cards and keys.  The Koffski Wallet and Shoulder Holster combined are roomy enough to carry all of his essentials (wallet, phone and keys) in a new cool way.

Find the Koffski Wallet and Shoulder Holster Here

The Personal Soundtrack Shirt

We’ve all had moments when we walk out of a movie or concert and wish that we could have a soundtrack for our lives.  Gift your guy the gift of sound with this amazing t-shirt.  There is a speaker in the center of the T’s graphics that actually works and plays up to 20 programmable sound-bits via a battery-operated remote.

Find the Personal Soundtrack Shirt Here

The Krupps Beertender

Men like beer and every man wishes he could keep a keg of his favorite brew on tap.  This handy countertop beer dispenser allows you to give him the gift of his own draught experience – without breaking the bank or having to dismantle your kitchen.  This handy mini-keg dispenser keeps beer at the correct temperature for optimum taste. The Krupps Beertender is designed to work exclusively with the Heineken DraghtKeg, so if that’s his favorite brew then this is the gadget for him.

Find the Krupps Beertender Here

The Personalized Grill Grate

If your man enjoys going outside to grill a few steaks, ribs and kabobs during his weekends, give him something awesome to grill on.  YM Custom Grates can create a grill with his name, monogram, favorite team or custom design.  The great thing is that even if you can’t afford a fancy gas grill, you can still get him a custom grate he’ll love since YM is able to customize grates for round charcoal grills as well!

Find your custom grate Here

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25 Responses to “Gifts for Him: 10 Gifts That Will Make Him Think You’re the Coolest Chick Ever”
  1. Joni Keith Says:

    Another great article. Forget the man, I want a set of those noise canceling headphones for myself. If I get the RoboMower, what’s he going to do with all his free time?

  2. Anabel Cassar Says:

    interesting ideas!thanks for sharing

  3. Westbrook Says:

    I am a man and thought about each idea you presented. I personally like the idea of the self mowing mower and maybe the remote controlled tank.

  4. Sam Down Says:

    Good list – gives a lot of ideas for Valentine’s Day or birthdays!

  5. hfj Says:

    All of these are very nice gifts. I would take any one of them, and you could throw in a set of new golf clubs to boot. Well done

  6. Yovita Siswati Says:

    Fresh and great ideas! great work!

  7. Colleen Ranney Says:

    Great ideas here, I never know what to get.

  8. Denise Kawaii Says:

    This was a fun list to put together. If I could afford to get them all, my husband would be STOKED. But alas, it looks like he’s only getting one.

  9. Charles Says:

    Very interesting gift ideas Denise. I never would have thought of some of these, but they have made me think and I know just want to get him now.

    Keep up the great ideas and stories! :-)

  10. Cheryl Says:

    This is a very informative article. Lots of good ideas. Good job.

  11. Maria Blazz Says:

    This is a great marketing research. Although there are individual differences, you did a good general selection.

  12. el Luchador Says:

    I want the tank! I’d chase the cats around the house and shoot airsoft missels at my fiance!

  13. Joe Says:

    Keep your list and post it again when the economy improves.

  14. denus Says:

    very interesting, nice piece.

  15. complexbanana Says:

    Great article! Lots of good ideas here
    Good work

  16. macon Says:

    good ideas! though i wouldn’t mind if my man will be the one giving me some of these gifts! nice writing!

  17. catlord Says:

    Very neat! -You need to feed these ideas to my wife please. ;-)

  18. Lauren Moore Says:

    Great ideas! If you’re searching for a great gift for a beer loving guy, check out capcatcher bottle openers from . They’re made in the US and use all local grown wood and recycled metal. And its a gift that the guys will love and actually use!

  19. Anita Says:

    Your website layout is hard to read and gives me a headache

  20. Denise Kawaii Says:

    @ incest-buy-guns-free-bestiality… none of this work is stolen. It is my own, and if it is similar to another article you have read then the sameness was unintentional at best. I shop at all of the sites listed and they are some of the favorite gadgets and geekery I’ve come across.

    @ Anita… I agree the layout here could be better. Unfortunately I don’t own this site, they published my article and displayed it in their own format.

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