Creative Baby Shower Gifts

December 28, 2007 by Aiden of the Tower  
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Need a special gift for a special bundle of joy that is coming? Why not make it!

Giving a unique baby shower gift, especially on a budget can be hard to do. Of course, if you get creative, it can be fun and add life to the baby shower. There are lots of creative things you can do with items all new mom’s need, such as diapers, wash clothes, socks, and more. Many of these ideas let you choose how much money you are going to spend and allow you to control the budget while still providing an excellent and unique gift. If you want to go all out, see if you can do it with a friend. Then each of you can have fun decorating the gift and you can control the cost by splitting it!

Wash Clothes

Wash clothes are something we all need. Lets face it, before we had kids, we never knew that a baby could use so many in a single day. Now that they are here, we have to do laundry just for them, and it often includes lots of wash clothes. These ideas can be used alone and given or used as decorations on a larger gift. As always you can control how much or how little you spend and still give a great gift!

Wash Cloth Roses

The first item that you can consider making are wash cloth roses. If you make these as decorations you can add them to diaper cakes, diaper wreathes, or you can even use this as a great decoration on a package if you want to add just a touch of creativity or if you don’t have the time. These can be given by themselves as a bouquet. For the bouquet project you will need a bunch of silk flowers with very strong stems and a nice vase. You don’t have to worry about whether the silk flowers are pretty or not, after all you are going to pull the flowers off and add the wash cloth roses on the stems. For this project you can use either baby wash clothes or thin adult ones. You don’t want ones that are too heavy or they won’t be able to stay on the stems. If you are decorating with the roses you can use an wash clothes you want to give.
Lay your wash clothe flat. Fold in half and then in half again length wise so that you have a narrow, long wash cloth. Roll it on a slight angle to form the rose bud or flower (the bigger the angle the more flowering there will be, but watch it to figure out how you want it to look). Hold the roll in place and roll the bottom edges upward. This will make the last edge of your rose and hold your rose in place. These can be attached to the package or item being decorated or can be attached to the stems of the silk flower bunch by gently inserting the stem into the bottom center of the wash cloth rose. The bunch can be placed in the vase and you can choose to decorate the vase or leave it plain.

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