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July 26, 2011 by mommy070911  
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Get top of the line Hair Jewerly with Demdems.

Demdems known as the hair fairy. Is a awesome site to get high hair jewelry which all us girls enjoy wearing these spicily hair prices in are hair.  But we all know to own these very pretty hair jewelry is always at a cost. witch normally run 19.99 – about 40.00 for just one.  Demdems wants everyone to be able to enjoy these little works of art. And done some major number crushing to bring these jelws down to the lowest prices possible Start as low as 4

7.00 each.


 This design can run you about 39.98 however at demdems only $6.95

This design can run you about $14.98+ but at Demdems it only $5.88

They also carry salon excluive hair brushes and more

DEMDEMS <— Click here

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