Five Types of Cosmetic “Luxury” are Commonly Counterfeited

June 20, 2013 by Robby Smith  
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On false packaging usually does not include the serial number.

Do not be tempted by the low price and then offered some cosmetic products. You should immediately buy it on official stores. Quoted by the Daily Mail, a lot of fake cosmetic products that use chemicals in the licensing limit.

Research in chemistry institute in England, Staffordshire Scientific Services, found materials such as tin, copper, and mercury are used in excess in these fake products. Not only cause skin irritation, but also long-term disorders such as heart, kidney, and nerve damage. Here are some famous cosmetic brands that are often counterfeited and sold cheap:

MAC kohl eyeliner pencil

The official price of £ 14, the price of fake £ 3.50

The packaging is very similar. But in counterfeit products, brands that were mentioned in the pencil cap easily erased or peeling. In it found to contain 46 times more copper than the limit permitted use. This copper is not toxic like lead and cadmium, but may lead to vomiting or allergic reactions.

Benefit blusher Thrrrob

The official price of £ 23.50, the price of fake £ 6.49

Usually on false packaging is not included serial number. Ingredients dangerous cadmium, copper, lead, arsenic, and mercury. Making was not enough to allow the development of sterile bacteria in it.

Eyeliner Benefit

The official price of £ 14, the price of fake £ 1.89

The difference is clearly visible on his part kohl is easily broken and chalky. If applied, the color is not too obvious. This product contains lead and arsenic.

Bare Minerals Mineral Veil powder foundation

The official price of £ 20, the price of fake £ 10.89

Check the packaging. On the counterfeit products, the packaging does not list the serial number. Listed brand logo was slightly different. Fake cosmetics contain lead, cadmium, arsenic copper, and mercury.

Benefit Bad Gal lash mascara Cosmetics

The official price of £ 16.50, the price of fake £ 3.99

The content is pretty much dangerous, namely lead, copper, mercury arsenic, and cadmium. If the observed form the bristles are smaller than the original product.

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