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March 4, 2011 by luxuria  
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Clearance cosmetics can sometimes be found at drugstores or the big discount stores like Walmart. But finding luxury makeup brands can be much harder.

Have you ever wondered why makeup goes on sale in drugstores and supermarkets, yet you never see department store makeup on sale? What happens when Benefit Cosmetics discontinues a product? Or when MAC retires one of their exciting new releases so that it’s no longer in the store?

Many of these high end makeup lines sell off their excess product inventory to any country but the United States. Some, such as Estee Lauder (who owns MAC, Aveda, Clinique and used to even own Stila), have outlet stores in a few parts of the country. Those makeup outlet stores are rarely talked about and hard to track down.

Lancome and Estee Lauder have makeup stores outlet where you can find cheap good makeup.

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Sometimes you can find discontinued cosmetics at discount stores like TJ Maxx or Ross, but you have to constantly be on the prowl to find the good stuff. Though the discount stores often have great deals on shampoos, cheap good makeup can be harder to get.

Ebay can be another place to find discontinued cosmetics before they’re gone forever. Many people dislike bidding on ebay because of the auction format, but you might consider using software like Esnipe.com to better manage your bids.

A less likely and often overlooked place to find discontinued cosmetics is Amazon. Aside from the products that Amazon sells directly, they also have thousands of independent vendors, many whom have scored the scarce, hard to find, discontinued cosmetics you’re craving, often at steep discounts.

So you may have to hunt for your favorite discontinued makeup, but isn’t the hunt half the fun?

Happy shopping!

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