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June 24, 2009 by lucedelcielo  
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Media is fashion-forward and focused on looking good. We can’t all be America’s Next Top Model, but here are some great tips for cuts that will look flattering on your body type.

The Dreaded Muffin Top

What to do:

  • Try a higher rise. Low rise pants/jeans usually start three inches or more below the navel. Any soft flesh there will spill over.
  • Try a larger size. If the pants are too small, the waist band can bind your skin. Although, this may make the pant leg too baggy or too long.
  • Wear long, fluid tops to mask your muffin midsection

Pants Gape at the Waist

What to do:

  • This is usually the result of having fuller hips and a slim waist, so find some low-rise pants that start at the hips or at least have a “contorted waistband” that is higher in the back than in the front
  • Go to a tailor. He/She can probably make some affordable adjustments.

Wide Hips & Belly

What to do:

  • Wear bootcut pants to balance your hips, paired with a two inch waistband (to contain your stomach)
  • Forget low-rise pants and instead wear a rise that hits about an inch or two below your belly button
  • Stay away from belts and tab closures, which add bulk and accentuate hips

Petite & Curvy

What to do:

  • Head to the petites department: mainly Ann Taylor and Banana Republic
  • Stay away from pleats, cuffs, and tapered or cropped legs because these shorten and widen the frame
  • Don’t forget heels! This will make your figure look extra long and lean

Full Thighs

What to do:

  • Invest in wide-leg bootcuts or stovepipe trousers, which will balance your leg from top to bottom
  • Be cautious of too much stretch. No more than 4% spandex. You need something to keep your figure.
  • Skip flared cuts – they make knees look skinny and thighs bigger

High & Round Butt and Slim Legs

What to do:

  • Look for darting in the back, which makes room for a rounder bottom without causing the seat to look baggy
  • Choose pants with back pockets because without pockets your rear might look like a “unibum”
  • Try a bootcut style, which helps to make your rear seem more proportionate to slim legs
  • Might be good to look for Baby Phat and Apple Bottoms because they are cut for fuller behinds and skinny legs
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