Top Five Sweater Dresses

September 26, 2011 by jeyraul  
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Winter season can be harsh towards the skin and you will need clothing specially designed to tackle for the chilly weather.

A stylish sweater dress will help you stay cozy during chilly seasons and also make you look chic. You’ll be set for the fall season, winter and even spring by adding to your wardrobe collection a few simple knit sweater dress, classic turtleneck sweater dresses and other casual dresses.

You can choose from the top 5 sweater dresses to add to your wardrobe.

Top sweater dress styles:


These short fall dresses are considered the perfect choice as they will allow you to show off your trim legs. They generally go well as an apt layering over opaque leggings or skinny jeans. You can also make yourself look cuter by wearing mid-thigh casual dresses along with ankle boots matching your jeans or leggings. Doing so will make your legs look even longer. In addition, you can compliment your attire by slinging belts low on the hips or at the natural waist.


Knee-length sweater dresses will look fabulous on anyone regardless of their physique as they hit just above the knee area or just below it. You can choose from tall riding boots which suit the winter dresses of this length wonderfully. These go great especially with black fashion dresses. However, you can make your legs look longer by wearing ankle boots or even peep-toe heels.

It is advised that you pick up a wide corset belt and also add funky jewelry, just to spice up things and not stick to the boring knee-length winter dresses. Vintage dresses or vintage-inspired pieces with pearls are said to offer a classic look if you are looking for one such.


Turtleneck sweater dresses are said to be the choice during the winter season as they offer warmth in the coldest weather. These sweater dress will cover the neck and hang over the knee or mid-calf region and cover the neck. They are characterized by long sleeves.

You can also go for a change by sporting a knit sweater dress having short sleeves or cap sleeves and also give more texture to your attire by including cable-knit or patterned tights. Soft turtlenecks and long sleeves can be added with vintage dresses with a combination of flats and colorful tights.


V-neck sweaters provide an elegance to your outfit as they are very delicate in appearance. They have an unexpected neckline. By going in for V-necks made of smooth knit fabrics, you will be able to show off your collarbones. You can also add a simple necklace for an elegant finish. V-neck designer dresses are mostly recommended for curvier women, as they pull it off with style.

Textured knit:

Flat knit fabric sweaters provide comfort to a great level for people who don’t want to wear clothes that are generally bulky or too heavy for a mild winter. Cashmere dresses will provide a slim fit perfect for layering.

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