Second Hand Jeans

May 3, 2011 by Chicho Diado  
Published in Clothing

I’ve got the funny feeling that all the jeans sold in Bulgaria are second hand jeans.

This is what my girl told me a few days ago. She went out shopping and she couldn’t find the right pair of jeand. “Oh, she’s just a woman, they often go shopping and don’t find the right thing.” – this is what you might think. But this is not the case. She commented that only two pairs of the jeans she tried on felt crispy like the new jeans usually do. The cotton tags – you know, the small ones that are supposed to let you know how to wash the product, how to iron it were light blue. The way they are on every old pair of jeans that have been washed too many times. And another thing – sales here sales there, sales everywhere but all the prices are under about $20 ( I believe I am calculating the exchange rate correctly). Knowing that some of the retailers here have really bad practices, I am inclined to suspect them in selling only second hand stuff. Believe it or not. 

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