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October 29, 2011 by jessicawriter  
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Cloth diapers can save you money!

Many new and well-seasoned moms alike are making a choice to do what is best for their baby, the environment, and society in general; they’re cloth diapering.  Nearly 300 million is spent annually on the disposal of single use diapers, and disposables generate four times the amount of solid waste cloth diapers do.  However, cloth diapering no longer means square pieces of material jerry rigged around baby’s bottom and held on by a diaper pin.  Moms today have more options than ever to not only easily, but stylishly, cloth diaper…and start teaching their little ones about sustainability literally since they’ve been in diapers!  There are so many options; here are just a few examples to wet your palette;

• offers a wide selection of cloth diapers in beautiful color prints.  From their Elemental Diaper Collection, you can find “air” diapers that come in swirls of canary and chartreuse or their “earth” diapers in shades from olive to terra cotta.  You can also see their gallery of Diaper Art!  In addition to these diapers being eloquently adorable, they are all hand painted and made with 100% organic cotton.

•Over at, Little Beetle sells diapers made from Hemp that are 100% organic and diapers made from Organic Wool.  Their production facility is located in the US and adheres to fair trade practices.  Their diapers also come in an array of fun colors, from French Terry to Heart Pink; you can also choose to order them unbleached for babies with very sensitive skin.

• sells its very popular Absorb it All cloth diapers that are well liked for their plush and leak free design.  These diapers are more moderately priced and are all-natural.  They come in pretty varieties of pastel shades such as buttercup and seafoam.  You can also purchase packs of organic Sherpa Washies, for use as extra absorbers or just as general washcloths.

So whether you are a mom, pregnant, or just planning to have kids someday keep in mind your option to cloth diaper.  You will be contributing toward making our world more sustainable, and natural or organic cloth is also much better for baby’s skin than the chemicals and tape used in disposables.  Plus, all the diaper styles listed will have all sorts of people asking you where did you find such a fashionable diaper!

Jessica Drew is a freelance writer who blogs about a variety of topics including personal finance, frugal living and cheap flights.

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