How to Keep Your Panties Clean

October 8, 2008 by ragumerf  
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Women, how do you keep your panties clean, find out the best tip ever, oh and some stain removal tips too.

I know right, who would actually write an article about keeping panties clean, well me of course.

My grandmother always taught me to wear clean underwear everyday, but what she didn’t tell me is that as I became a woman keeping clean panties wasn’t so easy. It wasn’t until after my grandmother passed my mom and I discovered grandma’s secret for keeping the whitest and freshest underwear from here to Timbuktu.

Some of you already know the secret but for those rednecks( like me) here’s my grandma’s secret, panty liners…I know, so simple right? When my grandfather asked my mom and I to pack up grandma’s things, we found a hidden stash of panty liners in her undies drawer, next to her perfectly white panties….it was almost a shame to throw them away….lol.

Anyway beside using liners she was a wiz at cleaning and luckily she did teach me some of her stain removing expertise. If you have one of those nasty stain you just can’t get out….you know the one…try dampening the spot with some laundry detergent and sprinkle on some baking soda, rub together for several minutes. Leave over night, rinse with warm/hot water and repeat process before washing in the washing machine.

Oxy also works very well( found at most grocery stores), measure proper amounts and let soak over night, then wash. If these methods still don’t get the stains out, it’s time for some new panties, and a box of panty liners, of course. For only about 5 bucks or less a month you can have clean fresh panties all day. Remember to change when needed….

For extra freshness keep a opened box of baking soda in your underwear drawer. Fell clean and fresh all day long….

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12 Responses to “How to Keep Your Panties Clean”
  1. Glynis Smy Says:

    Interesting subject to choose, can I add lemon juice with the baking soda is a good natural bleaching agent too. Subject made me smile :)

  2. raguett MF Says:

    I tinkhelmn would work becaus i woul react with the baking soda, give it a try and let me know… I am curious to see how well i would work, in fact I will try it too….thanx 4 the comments

  3. Kim Buck Says:

    What an sensitive subject! The other option is not to wear any…

  4. raguett MF Says:

    LOL…Love it…great idea

  5. Kiki Stamatiou Says:

    Great article, with so many helpful hints. I just might try your suggestions. Thanks for sharing.

    Take Care,

    Kiki Stamatiou (Joanna Maharis)

  6. goodselfme Says:

    After reading Kim’s idea, I am still laughing at her thought.You tackled a sensitive and needed subject. Good help with panty liners.

  7. jo oliver Says:

    Be bold! Great job!

    But, I have got to bleach my undies. No exceptions.

  8. lindalulu Says:

    Lol…baking soda in the undies drawer????

  9. raguett MF Says:

    Yes bleach works well but wears away at the cloth…anyhoo I know the bakng soda thing seems strange, but it helps keep the musty odurs out of your drawer, i keep a box in my closet too, of course carefull not to knock it over…lol

  10. Says:

    I’m a guy; does toilet-paper work? or do you have to venture into the ‘women’s section’?

  11. Mary Says:

    Wow, that title got my attention! Love the suggestions, and what a great subject no one would have thought of. Oprah needs to know about this!!! *grinning* Thanks for these wonderful tips. What would we do without grandma!? Thanks so much for sharing.

  12. Laetitia Says:

    hm… but many women wearing panty liners everyday develop chronic yeast infections..

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