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July 22, 2009 by writecorner  
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When cleaning your closet (or you grandmother’s) don’t give away these stylish garments. Back in style, these blasts from the past are as hot as ever in mainstream fashion.

Fashions of the past come alive in these chic and trendy garments. Once yard sale bargains or thrift store finds, these items are now fashionably present in retail stores and runway scenes.

The Pin-Up Bathing Suit

The vintage look of Esther Williams, with styles flattering for every figure, is leaping back into swimming pools this summer. Whether it’s a red pinup suit or a polka-dot classic, these ruched layers and maillot suits are hot and in demand, from Merona’s red halter bandeau to the “Vamp” line courtesy of Jantzen.

Polka-Dot Dress

The playful vintage staple the polka-dot dress is back and better than ever. With its gently spreading skirts, solid bright colors, and classy white dots, this dress is simple and sweet. The strappy top and short hemline make this dress a perfect choice for parties and semi-casual occasions.

Skinny Jeans

The tight-legged look confined for years to beatnik and artist wardrobes is back in style for everyone. Whether dark denim or black jeans, these tight-fitting chic trousers look good with trendy ballet flats (or the traditional high-top sneaker).

Sweater Coats

Wrap yourself up in the knitted tradition your grandmother wore to keep warm. Sweater coats, with their belted waists and knee-length pea coat style, are back in vogue. Warm autum colors, subtle greys, and intricately knitted designs are again cool, casual, and even elegant in knitted patterns.

Style yourself with the looks of the past — in the hottest garments of present-day fashion. These classic clothes are finding their way into the wardrobes of the fashion-conscious shoppers this season.

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