Buying Your Perfect Winter Coat

September 26, 2009 by Retrochick  
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Top tips for before, during and after you shop for your winter coat to help you make sure you get the best for your money, whatever your budget.

If you’re in the market for a nice new winter coat there are some gorgeous new styles, in fantastic statement colours and shapes. But don’t get blinded into spending all your hard earned cash on something that looks flash but leaves you shivering in the Taxi rank on a friday night and falls apart within 5 minutes.

If you’re spending that much money, and they can easily run into hundreds of pounds, you want to make sure that you’re getting a coat that will keep you warm and last more than 6 months. So here are my top tips for buying a new winter coat.


  • What’s your budget? This might be an investment, but it’s worth spending as much as you can manage to get something good. If you only have £30 then you can get a coat, but it’s probably not going to last long or be as warm.
  • What’s your style? Those double breasted military coats might look sexy on the catwalk, but if you’re a jeans and trainers type of gal then they’re not really going to suit your style. Before you go shopping consider whether you’re looking for a work coat or an every day coat, one to wear to college where you always wear jeans and trainers, or one to wear over your cocktail dress as you hop from Pub to club.
  • What’s your body shape? Don’t just wear whatever’s trendy that season, think about what suits YOU. Hourglass shapes need nipped in waists and single breasted styles, skinny girls with small busts look good in tailored double breasted numbers, if you’re short steer clear of anything too long or shapeless.

Once you’ve answered these questions you’ll know what shops you can try and won’t waste time wandering round Karen Millen looking for a casual winter coat in the £40-£50 range or in Primark for a tailored classic wool coat in the £200 – £300 range.


  • Stay Focused. If you’ve decided you’re looking for something classic and stylish then don’t let that Fuchsia pink brocade number with bell sleeves turn your head, it will be a waste of your hard earned money.
  • Dress normally. There’s no point trying on coats over a T Shirt if you normally dress in a chunky jumper. Equally wearing a chunky jumper when you’re normally a skinny rib girl can mean you end up with an ill fitting and unsuitable piece of outerwear
  • Check the details. Again, the pretty colours and funky details are head turners, but is the coat going to be warm? Is it lined? What is it made of? Feel the quality of the fabric and check the stitching before you hand over your money. Think about whether you want inside pockets? Will those lapels end up getting caught on your shoulder bag and pinging buttons all over the supermarket?


  • Look after your investment. If you’ve just spent the price of short break in Venice on a piece of clothing you don’t want to ruin it in half an hour by screwing it up under your desk at work, spilling wine over it in nightclubs or stretching the it out of shape on a hook. Take a hanger into work, check it into the cloakroom and get it dry cleaned when the sun starts to come out so that next year it doesn’t look, and smell, like a dog blanket.
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