Budget Fashionista: Clothing Swap Parties

January 2, 2009 by A.Rose  
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Clothing swap parties are a fun new trend sweeping fashion and budget conscious communities everywhere.

Finances are tight everywhere, and often that means cutting out fashion budgets. No one wants to look frumpy wearing the same clothes month after month, year after year. What is a girl with limited resources to do? Have a clothing swap party!

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What is a Clothing Swap Party?

The premise is simple. Recruit a group of girlfriends, clean out your closets, then throw a party and swap your unwanted items for free things that are new to you.

Tips for Throwing a Clothing Swap Party

  • If you don’t have a lot of local girlfriends to invite, form a free meeting group online and advertise it on free classified sites to attract women in your area.
  • Decide which items are swappable. Stick to clothing only or include accessories or even home decor?
  • Consider your party style. Do you want to implement a minimum number of items for each attendee to bring? Will your swap party be a free-for-all or controlled and turn based? Create a system as simple or complex as you like, just be prepared to explain and enforce it.
  • Create a plan for item disputes. If two people want the same item, decide by having each lady try on the item and executing a blind vote, or create your own decider.
  • Make it a real party: send out cute invitations, serve girly drinks and snacks or desserts.
  • Set up dressing stations with mirrors. Be sure to include private changing areas for those who are shy about disrobing in front of others.
  • Record the ground rules and include them on your invitations and post them at your party. 

Clothing swap parties let women give new life to their old items and gain great new pieces at the same time, absolutely free! Not to mention scoring a fun girl’s night out as well. Start planning a swap party today!

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