Boutique Shopping: Negative Attributes

December 15, 2009 by TheGoth  
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Although shopping within a boutique can provide an interesting experience, as a result of the presence of clothes that may not normally be found within regular department stores, sometimes the event is not always as enjoyable as it could be.

Shopping within a boutique can be a rewarding experience because boutiques are characterized by having clothes that are unique from that of the chain stores. However, boutiques also possess characteristics that have the potential to make a shopping experience less pleasant. Attributes such as the store hours, limited amounts of the same outfit, the lack of people within the store, and the inability to order certain pieces of clothing is enough to aggravate any shopper.

One time, I decided to visit a boutique that recently opened up in the area. It looked very exciting from the outside. The windows had a bright display, and new clothing with chic styles lined the store windows. Nevertheless, always excited to purchase new clothes, I decided to investigate.  

On the day that I arrived at the store, it was not a holiday, and I assumed that the store would be open. However, when I walked over to the door of the boutique, there was a sign on the door stating that the store would not be open for a designated period of time. Now, I understand that all stores have their own hours and schedules to abide by, but this occurrence highlighted one of the main negative attributes of boutiques. Often, because the stores are not commercial, they have different hours from that of the commercial stores. Therefore, when shopping at a boutique, one has to constantly remember to be sure of the store hours. Luckily, I did not live very far away. However, if I did, I would have been more frustrated.

Nevertheless, I finally managed to visit the store on a day that it was opened. I was still anxious to see the clothes on the interior of the store. I was very delighted when I saw how beautiful everything was. I am very fastidious, and I even managed to find a dress that I liked. However, the dress was not in my size.

So, obviously, I brought the dress over to the sales associate and asked if the dress did come in my size. This brings me to the other negative attribute of shopping in a boutique. Clearly, it is understandable that within any store, there will not be enough of every size in a particular outfit. Yet within a boutique, because there is are very small amounts of the same outfit, sometimes it is even impossible to find the same outfit in another wrong size. Nevertheless, I was at a loss. This was the only dress left, and it was too large.

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