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May 29, 2009 by stuart747  
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When is it the right time of year to start Christmas shopping online.

Like most people I’m not a very good shopper when it comes to Christmas presents,  One of my biggest hates is having to buy presents a few days before Christmas in shops that are packed with people pushing and shoveing me about, Every year i say to myself next time i will do it on line but i always forget, so I’m asking the question

When is it the best time to start Christmas shopping online?

I guess the answer is depending how organised you are and if you know what to get? One thing i guess is that you have to make sure you leave enough time for your items to turn up, however if you buy to early will you risk the chance of buying something which may come down in price in the build up to the Christmas period? On the internet there are so many shops/sites for toys that i would be confident of getting presents for the kids at a good price and making the right choices, You can also find some sites that offer great gift ideas for him/her which have presents that would be ideal for partners but if i was to order something today i doubt i could keep it hidden for such a long time, It is a little bit easier for kids presents because they can be hidden out of reach,

Should i start my Christmas shopping now or have some people started already, or will it be wiser to wait a little longer? Knowing me i will forget about it again and will be trouncing around the shops again on Christmas Eve

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